Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i am SO buying a lottery ticket

why you ask?  well, for one... i NEVER do.  and for two, my "southwest angel" told me i should. see, there was this really nice guy who let me sit next to him on my flight this morning as i was wandering aimlessly from the back of the plane, to the front of the plane... and ready for another go round.  he stopped me and said i could sit there.  that was the beginning of a plane flight full of laughter (i feel sorry for the guy sitting on the other side of me).  

we talked about the house and the fact that he was carrying around a bag full of money.  okay, it might have had muffins in it, but i still think it was money.  and with that, he told me to play the lottery.  you can't win if you don't play right?  RIGHT!!!

i am such a sucker.  lol

we tried to look for pictures of how to decorate the house in skymall magazine and spirit mag.  i'm an idiot.  but it was still fun.  there was a word.. centenarian?  cenentarian?  cenenarian?   hell, one of those.  and i was like.. what the heck is that?  all i knew was that the cake that accompanied the word had a hell of a lot of candles on it.  both him and the guy on the other side of me knew what it meant.  and with that, "are you smarter than a fifth grader's" theme song played in my head for the rest of the flight.

alright, i've gotta go!  my session is starting and i've got to get to work!  it's raining here in LA.. just like it is in nor cal.. but for some reason, it's nicer rain here.  ;)


Jill said...

So if you like win does that mean we all share.........LOL! I think it is centenarian a person living to be 100 or some such age. My grandmother almost made it was 99. Have fun in LA cause its BOTH windy and raining here. SPRING PLEASE COME SOON!!!

Alison said...

I'm sure those men were both thoroughly entertained, so don't feel bad at all. In fact, I'd count it as your good deed for the day. :)