Wednesday, December 05, 2007

discovery channel toys?

did you know that the discovery channel made educational toys? well now you do. :) can educational toys be exciting, fun and cool? yes. yes, they can.

when i opened up the box containing the discovery tornado lab, blake was crowding over me (per usual) trying to see what it was. once i told him that it was a toy in which we could simulate tornado's and how they react at different levels, he gave me a puzzled look. (think "what you talking about willis?") blake loves science and weather, so things like this are really interesting to him. the lab was really simple to use. it was pretty self explanatory and i think definitely age appropriate.

we filled the plastic container with water and we played with the various force levels of tornado's and we watched the swirling water make a thinner funnel tube, or a fatter, messier one. blake loved this. my only complaint would be that the levels on the knob aren't super clear. they just aren't marked well enough to tell where you have the level at. or maybe i'm just lame. lol

the lab also came with foam squares and round balls that you could put into the tornado to see how different weights/objects will react in a real tornado. will the object be sucked into the vortex of the tornado, or will it remain on the outside of the funnel and be tossed around? well, you'll have to play with it to find out!!

blake thought this product was so cool, he brought it his 4th grade class the very next day. he said that the teacher let him show it, and the kids all got to play with it and do mini experiments with it. he said that all the kids thought it was neat with the foam and the harder pieces you could put into the lab and watch them react. they really liked it.

now while i think the tornado lab is awesome and is truly an educational and interesting toy, i can't imagine a child playing with it over and over again. i think it's something extremely suited for a classroom environment. a perfect science example and a way to help make science fun in the classroom. but as far as being a toy that your child will truly enjoy day in and day out, i just don't see it (unless your kid is a true science nut and loves all things science).

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Starshine said...

I remember something like that from a science class I took. Very cool.

RWA said...

My nephew would love something like that - except I think he would leave the top off and let it just sling the stuff everywhere.

He would REALLY like that.

mothergoosemouse said...

How cool that he took it to school the next day!! That's awesome.

I agree - it does sound like an excellent classroom tool.

teebopop said...

For my grandsons I bought from the Discovery Channel Stores the following:

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And, because I'm a cruel, cruel mother to my son, the father of my youngest grandson, I bought this:
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My grandsons love me. I love them. (And no, I don't work or own stock in the Discovery Store - I just love their stuff!)

The tornado thing would be cool for someone's office. It might actually have a calming effect.

Brandon Matthew said...

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