Wednesday, December 12, 2007

being a mom goes something like this:

blake: mom, can you make lasagna?
mom: oooh, that sounds yummy! why? do you want that for dinner some night?
blake: no, i signed you up to make it for my class party.
mom: when?
blake: tomorrow.
mom: OMG! blake! why didn't you sign me up for a dessert or something easy?
blake: cause our teacher said no more junk food. you can make it right, mom? RIGHT?
mom: i will have to buy it.
blake: good choice, cause i'm not sure you know how to make it.


Becky said...

omg LOL i love that kid. seriously. i can totally hear his voice saying that too!

Starshine said...

Oh, that's too funny! Yea for Sam's Club lasagna!!!

Angelika said...

I told Evan in Kindergarten to only "volunteer" me for napkis and stuff like that, LOL.

Alison said...

I can't believe the teacher would allow the kids to sign their parents up! Surely, half of that stuff isn't going to be at the party tomorrow because the kids will forget to pass along the information or the parents will be like, "Huh?"

That's too funny, though!

Badness Jones said...

Did you smack him upside the head?!

Lol! I was a bad mom and didn't make ANYTHING for the kindergarten party this year.

RWA said...

Good grief...what kind of Mom are you? You don't know how to make lasagna?!?!?!??!

I am kidding.

Really I am.

norcalgirl28 said...

Oh my god, he's killing me!!! Last night Drew told me, at 8:30 p.m., after basketball, that he signed up to make HOMEMADE cookies for December birthdays TOMORROW. I'm sorry, WHEN?????? It's official, they are related. So, 11:30 p.m. last night I tucked myself into bed totally exhausted.

TeeRish said...

this is hilarious!!!