Thursday, December 13, 2007

AAAND, he's a re-gifter already!

blake walked into my room with a little note folded into a card that he had made me. apparently this was for christmas, but i had to have it "RIGHT NOW MOM.. RIGHT NOW!" when i opened the card, there was a starbucks giftcard in there. "rock on" i thought, but then i wondered how and when he got it.

me- "how much is on here blake???"
liarface- "i dunno.. probably 20, 25 bucks. something like that."
me- "WHAT??? where did you get this?"

he just shrugged his shoulders and i think he might have even attempted to wink at me before walking away into his room. so i looked at the card and i realized that it was a summer giftcard. so me being the suckbucks extraordinaire that i have become, knew he couldn't have gotten the card recently. and then it hit me.

me- "BLAKE! did you get this out of your wallet????"
blake- "yeah. why?"
me- "just wondering..."

i laughed to myself... my sister gave him that giftcard for his birthday last june! what the hell! little regifter face. that's all he is.


Becky said...

and he's trying to be all slick about it too by winking lol

Alison said...

Re-gifting isn't so bad as long as it's a cool gift like $20 to Starbucks! :)

Elizabeth (Table for Five) said...

But he was trying to give you a present! lol

Badness Jones said...

Jennster - never turn your nose up at a Starbucks's coffee, matter WHERE it came from! LOL!

RWA said...

So, he took a gift card that he didn't use - and he gave it to someone he knew would put it to good use.

What's wrong with that?

Mommy2Lana said...

ha how cute

carrie said...

Well, at least he re-gifted you something GOOD! :)

SUEB0B said...

I think he is a smarty!

Daisy said...

Funny! I just finally used a gift card from Starbucks that's been in my wallet since last Christmas! The nearest Starbucks isn't convenient to me on the way to work, and the traffic is nasty on the way home when it's a little easier to reach.