Friday, November 09, 2007

why ticket brokers should die.

i truly don't understand the ticket world. first of all, how the hell did ticketmaster get the monopoly on selling ALL THINGS tickets? from concerts and sports, to plays and musicals. if you want to buy a ticket to anything, it's through ticketmaster. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? and why do they have no competition?!?!?! someone open a fucking competitor stat! seriously. i mean, ticketmaster can have a $10 dollar service charge, then a $4 dollar printing charge, $2 dollar to scratch my ass charge, etc and so forth and you have no choice because NO ONE ELSE SELLS TICKETS!!!!!! it's weird. and kinda fucked up.

another thing. why the fuck is scalping tickets illegal, but ticket brokers are perfectly legal?!?!? why are there no regulations on ticket brokers? how come it's legal for them to mark up a ticket price by 1000 % and get away with it?? i don't understand it. and why do musicians allow it? i mean, it's not news to anyone that hannah montana concert tickets were virtually bought out by the ticket brokers (which they do for EVERY popular concert and sporting event) and then they mark up the tickets by HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of dollars and attemp to sell them. how come they can do this? is there no way to regulate and put a stop to this? no way to monitor brokers and give them a percentage they can mark up, but cannot go past that?! i just think it's beyond messed up that they do this. it's so greedy and so money motivated, it makes me sick. i feel like hannah montana's camp has to know that her tickets were selling for over 1000 a ticket in most areas. why isn't there outrage? why don't musicians band together to put a stop to ticket brokers? i mean, doesn't it offend them. i'm sure they don't see any of that profit. and i'm sure they wouldn't want their fans to pay 1000 to see them in concert, or they would have made the tickets that much to begin with. know what i mean?

i'm just pissed off. and i want to do something about it. i want to put a stop to brokers and the insane way they do business. it can't be legal, and if it isn't... how come they get away with it? and does anyone have a good way to actually cut down on this type of stuff? i guess with the internet, it makes it way too easy for anyone to get tickets to things. like why doesn't ticketmaster try to fight this kind of thing? i'm sure it's because they don't really care. BUT WHY DOESN'T ANYONE CARE?!?!? why isn't anyone else pissed off? this has to stop. but i don't know how. BUT I WANT TO KNOW HOW.


Becky said...

well good luck with that k? lol.

hannah montana ticks are a hot item here. everyone wants them and they're all sold out. they have been forever.

Becky said...
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Phoenix said...

That shit bothers me too. But until people stop being willing to buy the seriously overpriced tickets from them, it won't stop.

The only way to get a good seat at any concert these days is to win it off the radio.

JayMonster said...

There was a competitor that actually pre-dated Ticket Master, they were called Ticketron. They wound up getting acquired by Ticket Master back in 1991 (or so).

I so agree that it would be great if they had a competitor becuase their "convenience fees" are just freakin' outrageous.

I bought 3 tickets to Radio City Music Hall through a promotional offer that gave me $49 seats. Great, 3 ticks at fifty bucks, hundred and fifty dollars, right? Hah, nope it was $190 and change (with "free" standard delivery).

As for the scalpers, well there are "rules" in place, but so long as these guys can get people to stand in line for tickets to buy them, or keep hacking Ticket Master so they can buy more than their allotment of tickets, there is really little that can be done. Once the ticket has been sold, it is really "free enterprise" that takes over. They only way to stop it... have people stop being willing to fork over so much money to these guys... but we both know that is not going to happen.

RWA said...

Ticket brokers are legal, I believe, because they must have a business license - which means they pay a fee to the local city/county government.

I would assume that they also have to pay taxes as a "business."

All of that aside, I do think it's all ridiculous.

Karen said...

If my memory serves, I think there have been artists (Pearl Jam - I think) who have refused to allow their tickets to be sold through Ticketmaster. But that provides logicistical problems. Like who is going pay to advertise that the tickets are going on sale and what venues only allow tickets to be sold through Ticketmaster. Unless there is a true competitor, Ticketmaster has us on a short leash.

And the way to stop brokers and scalpers is to stop paying their outrageous prices. But that isn't going to happen.

I agree it is frustrating and too expensive to for the average family.

CP said...

But do you REALLY feel!?



Tammy said...

Pearl Jam did try to fight it but it didn't work out to well for them. No one knew where to get their tickets and unfortunately it seamed to have backfired on them. That was the 90's before the internet so there might be a better outcome if someone tried it today.

Daddy Dan said...

It's all supply and demand. That said, I hate ticket brokers and especially Ticketmaster too.

Yorksdevil said...

Over here in the UK you can normally buy tickets in person from the venue or a few other outlets and avoid the charges of buying by phone or web. Is this not the case in the States?

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I hate Ticketmaster. We just got Police tickets -- $97 each + fees = $250 or thereabouts. Utterly ridiculous.