Thursday, November 08, 2007

the post where i piss off the dream team

thanks everyone for your comments to the post below. they were reassuring and helpful and i really appreciate them.

i called off the dream team yesterday from meeting with the people regarding the house. they got mad. yes, you read that right. i think they were frustrated and i totally get that, but still- i ended up feeling like shit. here's the thing.... when we made the offer on that house originally, i remember praying they wouldn't take it because i didn't want the house. i was RELIEVED when the agent was a dick and found myself happy that we weren't in negotiations over a house i wasn't into and didn't truly want. but months later, half of the dream team told me that when the listing on the house expires, they were going to find the owners and talk to them. i didn't ask them to do that, and i wasn't sure they were doing it for us. i had expressed to the dream team that i was happy the offer was rejected because i didn't really like that house. they must have "not heard" that part even though i said it more than once, and left it on a voice mail or two. i figured they were going to meet so they could take them on as a client, or to find out if their agent even presented the offer or not (to get him in trouble or something.. i dunno). i didn't think they were doing it for us, since i hadn't expressed anymore interest in that house. and in all honesty, boyfriend and i thought it was funny that they were going to pay the owners a visit. we thought it was probably the highlight of their otherwise boring day. neither one of us truly thought they were doing this on our behalf.

but i guess we were wrong. and they had all the wrong impression. so when i called to tell them not to go on our behalf and that i didn't like the house and didn't want it, they were pissy. one half of the dream team had to get off the phone with me he was so pissed, while the other half called me immediately following and was mad as well. anyway, it just sucked. and while i fucking felt bad, i was also pissed off. i never asked them to go in the first place. i never asked them to pursue the house. and while i was encouraging when they DID say they were going to meet with them, i did so because i thought it was funny- and i thought they were going on their own accord. but they thought i was encouraging because i wanted them to get the deal on the house done.


so anyway. that's where we're at. with a half pissed off dream team, and no house on the horizon. you know what i keep hearing echoing in my head? someone (i can't remember who) posted in comments awhile back about how it was a "buyer's market"... and did i have a "buyer's agent"? and sometimes i wonder. i truly wonder.


teebopop said...

Me. It was ME! I said that! I did. Swear!

The only reason they were so pissy is because the housing market is glutted with properties that just aren't selling (hence, the term "buyer's market) and they are probably hurting because no sales = no commissions. Hence, their extraordinary effort to force that house down your throat.

You made the right decision. No, if only you could stop beating yourself up over it!

RWA said...

Sounds to me like you need to tell the dream team that they're "FIRED!!!!" and go another route.

Miss Britt said...

I really wish I could refer our realtor to you.

A realtor should NEVER act pissed because you don't want a house. A good realtor should get that this a really big freaking deal, and do everything they can to AVOID you having buyer's remorse.

A good realtor knows that overall they will make more money with really happy clients.

These guys don't sound all that "dreamy", or near as concerned with making you happy as earning a commission.

Karen said...

Don't worry about pissing off the dream team. They are upset about not getting the commission they assumed the sale would provide. As much as it sucks, it is business and these people work for you. Don't let them make you feel bad. You know you made the right choice. You can't let them make you feel guilty for that.

Becky said...

its true. that person spoke the truth. its totally NOT a sellers market which is why it sucks for us.

jennster said...

well and that's why i got pissed too.. cause i was like, you aren't paying the mortgage.. you don't have to live in this house- so STOP WITH THE PRESSURE. it made me mad that they got pissed. i mean, i understood that they had put effort out and they didn't have to do any of that, but still. BOTTOM LINE IS THAT this is a personal decision and they should want us to be HAPPY, NOT stuck with something we hate.

Jill said...

And that is the name of the game Jenn and for you to feel bad is a travesty. Your right its not their ass that is paying the bill you guys are. Are they going to help you pay it, hell no! They are working for you, it is their job to keep you happy and so far thye have failed miserably. So for them to act pissy..........(comment censored)

Alison said...

You need to find a new agent.

Jenna said...

The "dream team" sounds more like the "nightmare team". Find yourselves a real dream team, and you'll be so much happier. They are out there, believe me.

Sarah said...

Down with the "Dream Team". I can't believe that!

Starshine said...

It sounds to me like they are only concerned about making the commission NOW and not about keeping you as a long term client. Referrals is what that business is all about, and they aren't acting deserving of either your business or you referring anyone else to them. Don't feel bad for a second longer! You get to make the decision on what house you want to buy...not them!

kim said...

yep thats exactly why they are mad... no commission !! tell them to take a hike! you PAY their salary they cant be pissed at you!!
californias real estate market is truly in the toilet right now and there are soooo many houses being foreclosed on its ridiculous! dont let anyone PUSH you or guilt you in to anything!!

Virginia Belle said...

i second teebopop's comment. that's exactly what i was going to say!

don't let them bully you. this is a MAJOR decision. one that should feel right and make you happy. remember, real estate agents are, in essence, salesmen. they can be pushy, too.

and you live in a housing market that, unfortunately, has no choice but to be pushy right now.

i wish i could give you my realtor. she's awesome. she explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable with my decision.

miss britt is right.

you need to find a realtor who

A) specializes in helping first-time buyers find their first home
B) is highly recommended to you by someone you trust--preferably someone else who just bought their first home
c) will stick up for you in the negotiations, even if it means he/she won't get as much $.

NEVER FORGET: the real estate agent works FOR YOU. YOU are the CLIENT. THEY are your BITCH.

Go forth and beat their asses into submission!!!