Friday, November 16, 2007

let's talk camera's (and lenses)!

alright everyone! i know that most of you (if not all) are picture taking freaks (in a good way). so let's talk camera's! let's talk lenses!!!

i already know what kind of camera i want. the canon xti (body only). i've been researching and reading and reading and researching all sorts of lens options (i think my brain just exploded inside my head). i know that i want a lens for pretty much everyday shooting. and i know that i need a zoom lens for blake's baseball pictures- and whatever else. ideally, i'd like 1 lens that fits both needs.

so.. what type of camera do you have and do you like it? what type of lenses? talk to me people! i need your input! :)

ps- i know what the numbers on the lenses mean, so you don't have to dumb it down for me. lol


Jill said...

Do you care about price or quality?

jennster said...

i totally care about quality.. basically i want to hear what you use and what you like/dislike about it... if there is something new you want, what is it and why??

Jill said...

We use a Nikon Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Lens but we do a lot of wildlife stuff bringing it in closer. We also have a huge as long distance lens for doing eagles and other birds of prey and like elk. The reason I like that lens is it seems to be an all purpose lens, stills, action whatever you need. Just my opinion.

Badness Jones said...

I can barely use my point and shoot digital kodak - but I hope you find what you need!

teebopop said...

I had a Canon EOS Rebel 2000. I used a Canon 75-300 Ultrasonic Zoom Lens. It's my understanding that it was interchangeable with digital and film cameras.

It was lightweight, crisp, and fluid.

I've always loved Canon and their lenses. But when I went digital I went Pentax. More bang for the buck.

But I've owned Canons for 20 years.

Daddy Dan said...

Jennster, I have the Cannon xti and I love it. I only have the lens that came with the kit. I'm looking to get another lens too and am anxious to see what kind of responses you get.

Grim Reality Girl said...

ditto what daddy dan said.... Love my XTI, wish I could afford additional lenses but currently I just try to make the damn mortgage payment.... will continue to play the lottery :-)

Chase said...

I told Mr. Tango to buy me a Canon xti, too, though I really, REALLY want a Canon EOS 20D. It's only, like, $400 more. Hehee!

I have a HP 945 right now. It actually takes great pics, but it's not an SLR. I'm dying for an SLR.

(BTW, you were right...I CAN'T close my blog yet because where will I put wedding pictures?! I just posted some I took today of our venue. LOL)

hello insomnia said...

I have the canon eos 30d and love love love it. I started out with the 17-85 and while it was a good lens, it came out too soft and frustrated me. Then I broke it and figured it was a good time to upgrade. I bought a 24-105 and have been happy ever since. It's a phenomenal all-purpose lens, but that's because L-lenses are so much better.

I saw the 70-200 on sale on amazon for $500 so I might go with that when I decide to purchase a telephoto lens.

Go clicking through flickr, especially through the groups that specifically use your camera and lens. Also, Ken Rockwell has some awesome reviews on canon lenses and accessories.

RWA said...

I have the Rebel XT, not the XTi. It wasn't worth the $200-plus extra for a larger LCD screen and a few other improvements that are over my head as an amateur photographer anyway.

I the 18-55mm lens it came with, and I got a Canon 75-300mm lens for about $199 or so at Wolf Camera.

formerly DDM said...

I have the Canon digital rebel XTi, and I LOVE IT with an unholy amount of love. *ahem*
I have the kit lens it came with, that is kinda wide angle. But I too, am ready for a bigger zoom lens, and am looking at the 75-300 (?). I am also going to need a speed light. The camera's built in flash is good. BUT, I'm trying to go pro at some point, and I really really dig the 'bounce flash' effect you can get from a speed light that pivots. I was second shooter at a wedding in August and borrowed the speed light and lens and fell in love with both.
I think the XTi is also very, VERY user friendly. I pretty much picked it up and started shooting!

Andie said...

ok- I'm late to this conversation... but I can help you with this...

I have a canon rebel (300D) the original one before they came out with the XT and the XTi. I love it.

For a lens- If you want a longer range lens with a lot of zoom, I would suggest the 70-200 mm with the f/2.8 - with a zoom lens of that size, you want to let in as much light as possible. Also, make sure you get one with the IS (image stabilizer) because if you are shooting without a tripod, your pictures will NOT be sharp and will more than likely be blurred.

That being said.. if you don't want to spend that much $$$- which I'm sure you might not... you may want to try the 28-135 IS lens, which is about $400- remember, with digital cameras, the zoom length can be multiplied by 1.6 because of the the sensor factor in digital slr's.

I also would suggest the "nifty fifty" lens- which is a wide aperture 50mm lens (f/1.8) which takes BEAUTIFUL portraits. It's a great lens, and it only costs about $100 on B&H photo.

(they have the lowest prices of any place)

I also recommend that if you want a high quality camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, get a crumpler bag. they rock.

feel free to email me if you have any questions. I've learned a LOT about cameras and photography over the last 5 years... so I'm happy to help!

Andie said...

also, as someone who has had this as a hobby for a while, I'm very anti-flash.
I prefer any and all natural light. I find that all flashes wash people out.