Wednesday, November 14, 2007

giving blog love

a friend of mine opened up a new blog to help women blog anonymously about any kind of abuse they have gone through, or are going through in their life. physical, mental, emotional.. you'd be surprised at how many women have gone through some form of abuse. saddened even. personally, i feel that i was in a pretty emotionally abusive relationship at one point in my life. and although it wasn't physical, the words that were said were just as painful.... and took longer to heal than any physical bruises would have. i learned a lot about myself from that relationship, and i vowed to never be that weak again. to never let someone have that kind of control over me and to never allow someone to speak to me or treat me in such a way. i hate who i was then. and i can't ever believe i was her. i never viewed myself as a weak person, but i certainly was then. never.again.

on a completely different note, with the holidays coming up, i wanted to direct your attention to this kick ass website called recipe town! it has tons of recipes, and links to food specific blogs and i basically want to lick my computer screen right now (hello chocolate cake in the upper right hand corner- YUM)!!! katy's kitchen is awesome with all sorts of super yummy recipes.. and there are the chocolate recipes, and the cheese recipes.. and and and.. *licks screen again*

so there you have it! getting your ass kicked, and ass kicking food! what more can you want?

oh, i know... FREE STUFF! i can't believe i almost forgot to include my new favorite blog on here! is a blog that lists all sorts of giveaways.. from simple blog contests, to big time prizes from big time companies. this site is fun and updated daily and i love it!


Badness Jones said...

How many calories consumed licking chocolate cake off the screen? lol! Thanks for the link....'cause I needed to spend more time thinking about chocolate!

Jill said...

All I see is vegetables.....hmmmm trying to tell me something maybe.....LOL Thanks for the site.

Starshine said...

Wow. That "emotional rescue" blog is a great idea. I think part of the reason it can seem like you are the only one going through something like that is because people don't talk about it all that much. It takes a lot of courage to share about abuse of any kind.