Monday, November 19, 2007

finding a house is hard!

why do i feel like the only person who is taking 10 years to find a house?? all of my friends who started house shopping, found a house in like no time flat. before you knew it, they were making an offer, giving their 30 day notice and moving out. it hasn't been that way for us at all.

we can't even find a house we both like. and while i totally trust that things will work out when and how they're supposed too- it's still a bit frustrating when you're ready to get the show on the road, and the show won't budge.

how long did it take you to find your first house?


Stephanie A. said...

Adam and I just went to look at a house near our old apartment to find out what type of house was in our range. Well, we met our realtor then and he emailed us info on an open house. The house looked great for us online and even the name of the street was perfect, as it was a small village/town I had visited in France. Anyway, we went to the open house, just to look, and put in an offer that day.

So we really had no starting point, we were just putting out feelers and it happened. I am sorry that your experience is not as speedy. The right house will find you.

norcalgirl28 said...

I was thinking of you last night when I was watching "Property Virgins". Frank and I went out looking one day and were ready to put an offer on a house that night. We woke up the next morning and decided that another house we had seen would be better for us and put an offer in the next day. ...and that was twelve plus years ago. ditto Stephanie, I am sorry things just don't seem to be coming together for you guys. different realtor maybe?

Jill said...

It took us 2 years and we had sort of the same experience your having.

Yours and Boyfriend's relationship is not the same as others so why should your house buying experience be? Stop trying to keep up with the Jones and do your own thing.

As others have said when it is right you both will know, right now the way the dollar is on the market, just WAIT! The bottom is about to fall out and you do NOT want to be stuck with a payment you can't make. Beleive me waiting right now will pay off in the end!

jennster said...

it's not the realtor's fault though.. it's just the homes. lol. i am anxious and NOT anxious at the same time. i want a house, but like saving too-
*deep breath*

Becky said...

a long effin time. almost a year!

Karen said...

I inherited my first house - so I wish it would have taken longer for me to get it.

But as for the first house I actually purchased - I always loved this certain house so when I saw it was on the market, I called the realtor. I made and an offer we closed within 45 days.

I have never done the traditional work with a realtor. Can you do more of the leg work yourself? I don't know if that is practical for you guys.

carrie said...

You probably don't want me to answer that. It took 2 weeks.

But I had a very narrow area to look, as I refused to live anywhere else!

You'll find it.

Theresa said...

It took me two years to find my dream home. I bought it six months ago. It took me one year to sell my house in NY and I took a huge loss. The good news is that the people that sold me my new house took a huge loss too, so it all worked out.

My house is everything I ever wanted and I wouldn't change a thing....except to would be nice having a husband to share it all with.

Your perfect house will come in time.

Badness Jones said...

13 days for our first house - 18 months for this one. Our realtor said "If you don't get this one, there's a reason. There's a better house waiting for you..." I chose to believe her. And she was right. With all of it's faults, this house was worth waiting for. I knew it as soon as I walked in. I had the offer written up before Hubs had even seen it, he just had to come look the next day and help me fill in our price...

Good luck honey!

RWA said...

Better to take your time and be sure than to buy something just for the sake of buying something.

dana said...

My husband and I were married one year before we bought our home, but it sort of fell in our laps. My parents were buying a newer, bigger, house and offered to sell the old one at a very reasonable price. We weren't even actively looking at that time. We had the mentality that it would all work out when it was supposed to. And it did.

Before we committed to our house, we had only looked at 3-4 homes and that was rather sporadic.

Virginia Belle said...

oh yes, ster, it is i, VB, and i am catching up on the last um....4 months of your blog today. are you enjoying my comment bombing?

seeing as how this comment is totally irrelevant now that i see you have moved into your house, i will answer your question:

i started looking for houses in august. in october, i got a new real estate agent who "got" me and actually listened. and i bought the first house she showed me!

but the key to finding a house quickly is knowing EXACTLY what you are looking for, and not settling for less. i had to sit down and think about what i was flexible about, and what i would not budge on. that saved me a LOT of indecision later on.

then again, i live alone, and didn't have to compromise anything i wanted. trying to appease two people would be much more difficult, i think.