Friday, October 12, 2007

print a blake!

print a kid (personalized books for children) had a campaign through the parent bloggers network and when i read about it, i loved the idea! you personalize a book for your kid, that includes your childs name, and the names of their friends, family, etc (depending on the book). i figured, what better way to get my kid to read, then to have a book that was supposed to be about him and the people he knows? plus, i got to put myself in a book! HA!

when the book finally arrived (it took me literally WEEKS to get this book because i had gotten a notice that something was sent to me, but i had to physically pick it up at the post office. i had no idea what was waiting for me there and working full time doesn't really help me get to the post office during their business hours. so literally, the book sat there for weeks before i had a chance to pick it up) i was totally excited because i had forgotten all about it!

blake and i ran upstairs to read it and he was cracking up everytime he would read his own name, and then the names of his friends. he thought it was so funny, BUT he wanted to know why he was a kid when his friends were all animals? that made me laugh, but i still think it's a good question. lol he also wanted to know WHO THE BUNNY WAS because there was a picture of a bunny on the cover on the book, but no one in the book was the bunny. this must have bugged him cause he asked at the beginning of the story, during the story and at the end. pretty observant i think. "they never said who the bunny was." was blake's last comment after reading the book.

but he did like it. he thought it was neat and i can't tell you how cute his laughter was when he would read the name of someone he knew in his head, before he would read it out loud to me. it was fun! and funny!

in all honesty, he hasn't even asked to read it again, but when i suggest we read it, he wants too. and then of course he brings up the ever eluding question of I WONDER WHO THE BUNNY IS SUPPOSED TO BE??? i think these books are great, creative and really fun to read. and while the material was definitely age appropriate, there is still something about it that i think would appeal more to a younger audience (they have them for younger children as well). i think by this age (blake is 9), blake is looking for a more intriguing type of story. i do however, think that these would make great gifts for younger kids who are just learning to read, or just like to be read too. i can imagine a story about your child, and the people they know, being a favorite read for them at bedtime. maybe even more than goodnight moon! :)


Loren said...

Jenn - thanks so much for this awesome site. Adrian is learning to read and I just ordered a book for him, I'm sure he'll love it!

Tammy said...

Hey Jennster!

I had those books when i was a kid and it included a bunny looking for easter eggs or something. its obviously a different story but the concept sounds exactly the same. i LOVED them! if i remember correctly, there was a whole set of them that you could buy.

Daddy Dan said...

I had a book like that when I was little. My best friend was a giraffe and I think he took me to the circus or something. How funny you brought this up because my Mom was just showing that book to my wife last time we were at their house.