Thursday, October 18, 2007

me & my car- survivors!

first of all, when i read about parent bloggers network teaming up with sequoia survival, i got so excited i almost peed myself!! which would be messy, but still! i live for shit like this! car survival kits... earthquake survival kits (which reminds me, i really need to get one of those together).. anything to HELP in an emergency situation. especially the type of emergency you never hope you'll be in *knock on wood*.

when the car survival kit arrived, i was SO excited! boyfriend thought it was for him, until i beat him with a stick to stay away from it. i kept telling him it was "MINE MINE MINE" but he kept bugging me to open it. he was possibly more excited than i was about it. not to mention the fact that he wanted to steal it! which is so rude... he only wants him and his car to survive and not me! hmph.

the first thing i noticed about the kit was the size. it was definitely not too large, as to take up too much space in my car. the next thing i did was pick the kit up. it was pretty heavy, but the bag it comes in is totally sturdy, so i wasn't worried about it breaking. in all honesty though, i was afraid to start looking at what was in the bag, because it was so neatly packed that i knew i'd never be able to get it all back in there again.

at boyfriends insistence, i finally unzipped the bag and began to see what was inside. waterproof matches, mini water packs, a kick ass flashlight that requires no batteries and doubles as a radio, alarm & cell phone charger (does that mean it quadruples as??), first aid kit, survival blanket, food rations, rain ponchos, light sticks, leather gloves, rope, playing cards, etc. i LOVED this thing! boyfriend was really thrilled about the flashlight and i can't say i blame him. i feel really confident that if something was to go wrong and i got stuck somewhere, this kit would definitely make itself useful. and quite possibly, could help to save my life. the fact that the crank flashlight comes with all sorts of various cell phone plugs is awesome (unless you have no cell reception, then it's pointless). but my fear about not being able to get everything back in there as neatly as it started? it was true. once i took everything out, i had a really hard time getting it all back well enough to zip it up. it would be nice if it wasn't so tightly packed, so that you could just toss everything back in there not perfectly. and so that you could also add things if you needed too (medication, etc). that way, this bag/kit could be the only one you have and/or need in your car.

what else would make the kit better? well boyfriends suggests a magnesium fire starter (it's small, and helps to start fires quickly) as well as a sewing kit.. and a signal mirror. these are things i never would have thought of, but since boyfriend is an avid outdoors person, i completely trust his knowledge and suggestions (and think the sewing kit is a total kick ass idea.. he's so smert.. and totally hot).

personally, i think that there should be more food. it comes with enough food for 2 people for 1 day and i simply don't think it's enough in a real and true emergency. i'm sure you all remember the James Kim family who got stuck in the oregon wilderness for 11 days after their car got stuck in a snowstorm offroad? 11 days? no food? i'm thinking i need more than 1 days worth of food here people.

all in all, this kit kicks ass. is it worth the $99 dollars they charge for it? couldn't you go out and buy all these things seperately and save a ton of money? you could, but i don't think you would save as much as you think you would. things like this add up quick. the kit might be a little more than you're willing to spend, but i do think it's worth it. and boyfriend agrees. they have other products too that are quite a bit larger, and more costly. i think the car kit is the best value for the money and is also the one i would choose to purchase.

listen, if you don't get one of these kits, then do us all a favor, and make your own. get some essentials for your car just in case. you never know what life is going to throw at you, and at least this way you'll be somewhat prepared. do you have an emergency kit in your car? anything survival-wise? also, what would you add?


Jill said...

And don't forget your animals as well in case they are with you and yes you need at LEAST 7 dyas worth of food and water in your vehicle in my opinion. Husband says anyone living within two miles of the coast line should have one and it is a good idea for ANYONE! We have two backpacks inside the closet door ready to grab and leave if we have to as well as the car.

Also this site is a kick assed site for finding out what is happening in the world. Try it.

Jill said...

Try that link again

Lisa said...

Isn't that kit the coolest ever? The bag is like a clown car at the circus. I kept pulling more and more stuff out. Didn't think it could fit all of the stuff that it contained.

Great review, lady.

teebopop said...

I think I would add the following:

One of those body heat blankets that is aluminum foil looking - dang I wish I could think of the name of it - but you know what I mean. Keeps the body heat inside in case of winter cold or if you're caught in a fire storm, keeps heat and flames off you!

A green laser light. In case planes are flying overhead looking for you, they won't miss it in the dark!

I've got my earthquake kit. Have had it for years. But since I no longer live in CA (moved 6 yrs ago) I guess I should redo the kit for winter storms and floods!

jennster said...

tee- it comes with one of those blankets! and the flashlight, i think does like 3 different types of lights- strobes, flashes, etc.. which is cool!!!!! but i think a laser pointer would be way more fun. lol

Izzy said...

You're such a Virgo. I love you :)

point45 said...

jill you dont need 7 days of food when you HAVE pets......