Thursday, September 13, 2007

my boobs advertise

sometimes i'm just a total dork. this was one of those times.

trish and i were at lunch when one of the waiters was like, "are you from so cal?"

i got SO excited because my brain actually started to think things like... he thinks i look la!! he just KNOWS that i'm from so cal.. i exude southern california-ness... yay for me!!!!

but then i said, "yeah! i am! how did you know?!?!"

and he goes, "you're wearing a dodgers shirt."

good lord people. could i be any more lame?!?!


RWA said...

Wow. Wearing a Dodgers shirt in public?

You are a brave person.

Becky said...

LOL that is the jenn i love

Jill said...

LOL, Lame no, typical Jenn yes......least you didn't wear a Seahawks Jersey into a Green Bay Wisconsin Bar and have every eye in the place staring at you.....HELLO! Now THAT my dear is LAME!

Mike said...

Well I have to say that I'm disappointed with the direction that post took. I was looking for pictures!

Brian V said...

Indeed, I was hoping in my mind something like this scenario, "OMG, I just registered withi the SJSU Alumni sight, and this chick is gonna show us her boobs?!!!" WHAT LUCK!!! ;) j/k.

And as for the Wisconsin GB Packers joint with a Seahawks jersey on . . . . one phrase comes to mind: LMAO! ! ! I bet you were mortified? Did you stare them down and say, "That's right suckaaaaaaa's, bring it on!"? :)

Have a good weekend, ALL.


SJSU Alumni,
Criminal Justice Administration, BS '98.