Thursday, August 30, 2007

just another reason why the bay area is

just plain silly.

you go all summer with literally a handful of really nice, hot days. but for the most part, your days off are spent in just kind of warm weather that doesn't last and leaves the moment the sun goes down.

but the second those kids step back into the classroom for school to start, it heats up like a mother fucker. what kind of mean spirited crap is that?!?!

i think the bay area hates kids. and me of course.


Phoenix said...

I know you super love LA. But it's like 105 here and super smoggy and humid. Feel better? ;)

I always think it gets hot the first two weeks of school. No matter where you live. I do think it's strange. And most schools don't have AC, which is just wrong.

Andie said...

trust me, I'm sure the weather there is way better than the weather here. LOL

I love San I'm jealous.

Alison said...

Yeah, it's pretty much nasty down here. HUMID. Yuck.

dana said...

So you're saying I shouldn't vacation there someday? I've always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Is it beautiful in person?

russ said...

I am so ready for blizzards and snow.