Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i hate to get political

because it's not something i enjoy doing, but my friend bryce (i'm calling you my friend now bryce) just reminded me why media outlets are beyond fucked up. and if i don't tell you what they did to him, then you might watch this show and think and believe that everything he says is true and real and not manipulated in any way. and it's all a bunch of crap. because media outlets twist things. none of them are fair and balanced. they ALL have agenda's. they all show you what THEY choose to show you. word it how THEY want to word it. put emphasis on certain things to get THEIR side across.

everything has an agenda- a slant- a side. and too few of us remember that when we watch or read things.

bryce's full post about this is here, but here's the bottom line.. after hearing bill o'reilly talk about having nas perform at virginia tech, and after railing the president of the school, bryce was prompted to send an email to o'reilly in response.

"Bill, Our school has already endured enough from overzealous media coverage. You are being unfairly critical to President Steger and the Virginia Tech community. Your direct attack on our President to provoke viewers to harass him is an attack on Virginia Tech itself. I expect Nas to have the common sense to respect our community when he performs- you, Bill, have shown your lack thereof. The majority of VT students continue to support President Steger and his administration's decisions. We've had enough attacks on our campus already, so please, just leave us alone."

and the network aired this..

“Our school has already suffered enough because of overzealous media coverage. You are being unfair, Bill, and have shown a lack of respect.”

it is beyond infuriating what media outlets do to further their agenda. and if you're not personally involved in it, you may not even realize the extent to which they do it. i read this on bryce's blog and it pissed me off enough to share it with all of you. maybe i can feel better knowing that someone who normally watches the o'reilly factor and never questions it might actually think twice about the emails he posts during his show and his responses to them. maybe we'll all think twice about what is being shown to us. maybe we'll question more. not believe so willingly. maybe something will change. maybe nothing will change. maybe we'll just have more awareness. i don't know. i just needed to share.


Jill said...

Now Jenn, don't you know they call that editing…..:)

Ever watched all the evening new stations at once (I have a channel surfer during the news that drives me mad but) it showed me that every network as you say has there own bend on stories. Their editing can change the whole course of what the person was trying to convey. So that set me to watching the local news to see if they did they same.They do.

Now in that, there is a CAPSULE of the truth but you have to figure out WHAT that actually is?

So does that mean the truth is subjective, what is their truth isn't yours or mine? Or are we just so used to the BS we aceept it as the status quo?

Also ever notice the difference between the 6 PM news and the 11 o'clock news. Seems to change a bit through editing!

texas math said...

Fox News in general has a bias towards conservative...but O'Reilly in particular is a staunch conservative republican...countless times has he put his foot in his mouth by publicly airing his own personal views...I wouldn't call myself liberal (and sometimes I wouldn't even call myself a democrat) but Fox News is definitely not "fair and unbiased" and it sickens me every time I happen to watch one of their programs.

Fox News and its rival "liberal" news outlets need to leave politics out and just report the facts.

RWA said...

I have seen that segment of O'Reilly's show from time to time. I seem to recall they typically use the "..." when portions are omitted.

If they did not do that with your friend's comment, it is definitely inappropriate.

Alison said...

Who watches Bill O'Reilly anyway?

All news shows are that way though. Even regular people are. Don't we all, once in awhile, put our own spin on something we're passing along, however minor? You just can't believe 100% of what you hear.

Or, maybe I'm just paranoid. :)

SUEB0B said...

When I worked in news, the ONLY angle my editors pushed me to get was...all of them. They wanted to be sure to include all sides of a story as much as possible in the time allowed, which admittedly was always too short.

Fox DOES have an agenda. Watch the movie "outfoxed" if you get a chance. But I think that most media still tries to be fair.