Friday, August 10, 2007

family time= a good old fashioned beat down

in nascar racing! or baseball 2007! or some other video game where a beat down is not only threatened, but often delivered!

when i walk through the door at night, it's usually to the sound of the boys (boyfriend and blake) whooping it up to some video game they're playing against eachother. they laugh. they argue. they play fair. they don't. they talk smack. they pout. they win. they lose. and so on and so forth. sometimes i come home and they're playing catch outside.. or they're fishing at the lake. my point is, they make an effort to do stuff together during that time before i get home because they both know that once mom's home- it's mom's time.

we have dinner together everynight.... which is something that boyfriend really insisted upon once we all moved in together. i truly do see how important it is to have the 3 of us at that table once a day. it's the only time that the 3 of us actually have a chance to talk- or threaten blake's life if he doesn't tell us about his day at school. that's always fun! the family that threatens together, stays together!! *swoon*

after dinner, i pretty much hog blake all to myself! boyfriend does his thing and blake and i head upstairs to either play a game, watch tv, or just be silly and goofy (which usually includes singing- badly.. and dancing). doesn't matter what we do, the whole point is that we do it together. it's our quality time.... even if it is spent watching america's funniest home videos!

we don't have blake every weekend, so i feel like we're really good about spending family time together when we do have him. like i said before, it's not really what we do- it's the fact that we do it together. it's just fun to be with eachother. mostly all we do is laugh. and good lord, we could be doing that for 20 minutes over the stupidest thing. but those are the best moments of all.

how do you spend time with your family?

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Starshine said...

That's a really sweet post. When Blake is grown up and living on his own, he will so remember the fun times he had singing and dancing and being silly with you. What an amazing gift you are giving him...the gift of you!

carrie said...

I send family time yelling at the boys to stop yelling at the video game!!! Just kidding. But they do yell at that thing a lot -- and I just don't understand.

After dinner, one of us heads in to the kitchen to do the dishes and the other to the family room to play games with the kids.

This doesn't happen every night, but we do eat together every night (unless Daddy's on shift - then sometimes I stand and put them at the little table so I don't have to "set" the big one - can you say l-a-z-y?). Point is, we're together, like you. And that's all that matters.


SUEB0B said...

SLUT! You just got married and now Blake is hanging out with your BOYFRIEND!! I am shocked, shocked.


RWA said...

"...or threaten blake's life if he doesn't tell us about his day at school. that's always fun! the family that threatens together, stays together!!"


CAT said...

very cool blog Ster....

we are pretty simular. Dinners together--sometimes when Chris works me and the boys will put a movie on and carry our plates to the living room floor and watch a movie together while we eat. We play games-and even though I can't play BBall to save my life, I like going down to the court with Ryan and play fake ball with him---he lets me cheat the whole time. I make a point to take them individually to town at times and we totally talk about EVERYTHING. Chris likes to play games with them, vids, and plays computer games with them as well. Even when he is at the forehouse the boys go over there in the evenings just to hang with Dad. Family time is important--as it should be.

Frank said...

We try to have dinner together every night. We also enjoy going out to eat on the weekends. This summer we've taken in a few ballgames at the both the major and minor league level. Sometimes one daughter will come along for a bike ride.