Friday, June 01, 2007

your kids best friend

this is jacob- blake's best friend in LA. well, he's blake's best friend regardless, but he lives in southern cali. i love this kid because he is SO nice and well behaved. him and blake get along so effortlessly. it is pure joy to have them hang around eachother. they don't fight. they don't argue. i think it's because they are so similiar and have similar interests. or maybe because they have similiar personalities? whatever it is, it rocks!


anyone with a kid knows how difficult it is to find other kids to play with that require absolutely no effort on your part. you don't have to watch what they're doing 24/7.. you don't have to play referee.. or counselor.. you don't have to do pretty much anything. the jacob's of the kid world are really rare. i feel lucky. lucky because he is such a sweet kid to have around and lucky because i simply adore his parents. and even luckier because boyfriend feels the same. (don't get me wrong, blake has a few really great friends up here as well, but this post is not about them.)

we took the boys to disneyland this past weekend. and me, being oh so smart, grabbed my camera, but forgot the battery i was charging at home. so i had to take camera phone pics. it's better than no pics at all!!!! and yes, disneyland totally rocked. it wasn't crowded and we made total ride progress! we got blake on splash mountain AND indiana jones! this is a huge accomplishment, because he is terrified of rides he hasn't been on before. it was huge smiles the whole time.... well, except right before we would get on either ride- then it was huge tears that absolutely broke my heart and made me die a little inside. i'm not about scaring my kid. i'm also not about forcing him to go on rides. i honestly don't give a shit if he goes on a ride or not. and i refuse to make him go on something he is completely scared of. it's just not that important to me. what is more important is him feeling safe and comfortable. i figure he'll go on certain rides when he is ready too. but for the record, he wanted to go on splash and indy. you know, until we were actually on the damn things. but once the ride was over, he was ready to go again!! *heart repairs itself*



Phoenix said...

Your kid is so dam cute. I was that way as a kid, I was scared of so many rides. At some point though, I just decided to try them. I'm impressed he went on splash mountain, that one still scares me, although I will still go on it.

Hey, is Nemo open yet? It wasn't when I went in April.

Love the new site design. Looks great.

dana said...

hey! I just saw you comment at Liz's blog that you won't be at BlogHer? I swear I thought you were going.

I AM losing my mind!

jennster said...

pho- it's not open! it opens on june 11th!!!!!!!!

thanks! it's the wedding design! lol

dana- i'm not going. thanks for reminding me. *cries*

alison said...

I love the new look! :)

I hope my kids have best buddies like that. Both boys are very lucky to have such a good friend in each other. And yay you, for not having to referee when they play. That is the BEST!! (And so it's so sweet that they keep in touch. What a great mom you are to keep that friendship going.)

Haley-O said...

Blake's so GORGEOUS! Both kids are.... SO nice that they're close. And, Disney Land? LOVE!

Mom101 said...

Of course you don't want him to go on a ride against his better judgment. That's what men are for.

dana said...

This means I don't get to meet Jennster? I'M GOING TO CRY NOW.