Tuesday, June 26, 2007

you know what's funny?

is that i don't feel any different than i did before we got married. i mean, i literally feel the exact same way i did prior to getting hitched. i like it though. i didn't want to feel different, because i totally associated the difference with something negative. so i'm happy i feel the same!

boyfriend is totally on the same page. we both don't feel like we got married. we both don't feel like everyone was in tahoe FOR us. we feel like we met everyone there for a big party. a party that was super fun, but not a party that was about us- just a super fun party for everyone that we were a part of. i think that's weird. i think we're weird.

did anyone else feel this way?

and another thing- i totally keep forgetting that we still have a honeymoon to go on!!!!!!! i feel like the tahoe trip was our vacation and i'm completely content right now. but then i remember we still have something else to do! somewhere else to go!!! i think i'm almost too tired to be excited!

the best part? seeing that ring on his finger. i adore it. i love catching a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye. or hearing it clang on something. this morning when he took it off for work- i heard it hit the dresser and i started pouting. i understand why he can't wear his ring to work, but still- it makes me sad. i like knowing he's wearing it. there is something about that ring. maybe it's just the finger of the man it's on?

after our wedding, we had a party in our room. look at these pics and tell me you wouldn't do the same!!!


thomas & ster

hayden, boyfriend, john, ster

ster & cat


becks & jenn

the girls with t



Anonymous said...

Nope...I don't feel any different than before we got married. (Now at 2 1/2 months after matrimony) I too, am leaving for my honeymoon in 2 days! Maine first and then Vegas, baby! SO excited, seeing family and friends and then having a rockin' "first time" trip to Sin City. (Neither of us has been there before.)
Have to tell you, wind be damned, you looked SO beautiful! Congrats again and have a fabulous time on your honeymoon!

CAT said...

I love you 2 so stinkin much!!! Everything was like a dream---a funny one!! perfection. It seemed like we were all there for a reunion--sounds odd. Most of us hadn't met, but when I say reunion its cause we already KNEW each other. The wedding was bonus. Does that make sense? My hubs is in love with you all now too. And I love talking now and saying names and he knows exactly who I mean.

Chase said...

I kept trying to comment before, but Blogger has been jacked up for me. So yeah.

I'm SO thrilled for you guys. Even though you don't feel any different, it's still a big step. And you can finally stop worrying about planning! :) (I say, having just finished getting my new wedding notebook started!! WHEEE!)

I'm hoping to not feel any different when I get married - it's so great the way it is now. 11 months and some days left. Ha!

DDM said...

Oh Ster. The last photo gave me goose bumps. It looks like your wedding was incredible, and you two deserve it SO MUCH!! Congratu-freaking-lations again!!! :-)

carrie said...

So . . . when's the honeymoon? :)


Anonymous said...


So glad you feel the same...So happy for you.


Assertagirl said...

I didn't really feel different, either. It was more like we had to demonstrate to everyone we knew, in public, "Hey, we mean this, we plan to hang out together for the rest of our lives."

Looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Boyfriend! I bet there is one way you feel different now that you are married: you are $100k poorer!

Meg said...

I konw exactly what you mean -- marriage felt no different for us. But seeing his ring still makes me all giddy. I love to see him wear it. And the other night one of his newly-divorced friends asked him to take his ring off and be his wingman. The Hubby told him no, that his ring meant too much to him. The best part was that he didn't know I heard him say it!

Hubby used to have a job where he couldn't wear his ring. It really sucked, but now he can wear it again, so I love it!

Congrats again! I want to come party with you, now :(

Becky said...

lol that pic of you and matt and john cracks me up still!

again, we love you too and thank you for letting us be part of the wedding of the year!

Jill and Kev said...

The only way that feeling changes is if you let it. It never has changed with us even tho we are referred to as the old married couple by younger coupled friends. Oh well......little to THEY know......lol!

It just now on paper and I have never needed a piece of paper to tell me I was committed to him.

There is kind of a weird assed peace of mind and not sure I could explain that.

Enjoy your honeymoon, we will be going on our 20th anniversary which got delayed by the Tahoe Fore. Soon hopefully!

jennster said...

100K my ass. i'm not stupid.

Christy said...

I can totally relate! I felt no different than before the wedding - just really happy. I came home from the wedding & felt like we too had just attended the most kick ass party... not our own wedding! :P But I think that's what made the weekend so awesome. Great times with great friends! Couldn't have asked for more!

And you looked fantastic! Wind or not - you rocked being a bride!!! Congrats!!! Enjoy the honeymoon! Where are you going by the way?

Chris said...

Awww, Congrats! You guys looked beautiful.
You really shouldn't feel any different. Glad to hear that! Happy Honeymoon. ;)

M said...

I didn't feel any different either, but I guess I didn't expect to. I was glowing for a few months afterward and I think I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. I'm sure you are still glowing!!I started to feel different when I was referred to as someone's wife, but only because it sounded so strange to be called "wife" after I was girlfriend for 6 years!Congrats on your bliss and may you have lifetime full of love, laughter, friendship and babies!!!!!

Mom101 said...

I can feel the happiness right through the camera lens. Yay! So happy for you and your newly un-naked ring finger.