Monday, June 25, 2007


woty= the WEDDING OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

i am still overly exhausted and i don't know where to start, or what to say, or how to say it. everything leading up the wedding was awesome. i wasn't really ever nervous or weird or freaking out. okay, that's not entirely true. it was BEYOND freaking windy, so that had me more pissy than anything. i loathe the wind. L O A T H E. anyway- the night before the wedding a ton of us went out and gambled and danced and just spent time together. it was awesome. if there is one thing i don't think i sucked at, it was spending time with my out of town friends. i really feel good about how much i got to see them all. so that made me REALLY happy. :)

the day of the wedding, i was tired. and i was pretty mellow. everyone kept asking if i was nervous or getting anxious or anything- but really.. i was just chilling. and starving! i couldn't stop munching on anything i could get my hands on. my hair and my makeup turned out EXACTLY how i wanted them. remember how nervous i was for that because i hated my trial hair and makeup? well she did my hair 100% like the picture i brought and my airbrushing could not have been more amazing. i saw a picture of myself in someone's camera and i was like "that's me?? i totally want to make out with myself!!" ha!

it was super windy all day long. like freaking gail force winds and no i am not exaggerating. i looked out the PENTHOUSE WINDOW (hello, we got the penthouse!!!!) to see if people were already in their seats, and i caught a glimpse of boyfriend down there. i totally ran away from the window all quick and then i got all giddy!! he looked so hot!!! i was getting super excited! it's funny, cause as blake and i were waiting to walk down the aisle, i got a HUGE rush of being so excited and i was like, "blake- i can't wait to do this, this is SO MUCH FUN!!!!" i am a total nerd.

so as we went to walk down the aisle, the wind tried to kill me. i had to stop walking and get the damn veil out of my face and then i cursed the wind gods for hating me so. then i walked up to my man. the funniest part was the fact that when i got up to the altar i looked all shocked and surprised to see our friends up there. like i waved and said "omg, HI JIMMY! HI SCOTTY!!!" as if i didn't know they'd be there! see? total freaking nerd. it was so sweet and so incredibly special to have my now father in law standing up there marrying us. it could not have been more fitting.

the reception was awesome, but everyone is right- it goes by SO fast. before you know it, it's time for it to end. and i must mention the fact that i made a speech and i freaking said "HOLLA!!!" didn't i do that once before??? i said holla, and then my mind was like "did you just say holla? we do not say holla!" seriously i do not know what is wrong with me sometimes. after it was over we had everyone come to our room and party with us more! that was awesome! we were up until 4am and i wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

i guess i'll end it by thanking every single person who went out of their way to share our day with us. all of my forum friends for coming out and just making a special day even more special. it was so much fun and full of so many good memories- i can't wait to get the video! i want it now!!!!!!! extra special thanks to becks for blogging and taking GORGEOUS pics and just totally organizing the weekend the whole time with all of our friends. i love you!!

this is me. reading my vows. :)

and me laughing at blake during the sand ceremony
the sand ceremony

and the kiss that took my breath away

the hottest chicks in the world!
booty grabbin

and it wouldn't be us without a little boob grabbin
boob grabbin


sam said...

Great pics! And congratulations!! You guys look fabulous and I am sooooo happy for you! (Look at me all giddy for you, my typing sounds so dumb in my head)

LOL @ the HOLLA!

MelissaMM said...

I'm teary-eyed just looking at the pics! I'm so over-the-moon happy for you both! le sigh, you make love look so hot.

And not suprisingly, you looked so freakin' GORGEOUS on your wedding day!!!! Well played Jenn, well played indeed.

Jill and Kev said...

This wedding was so you and so Chris, boob grabbing and all! You make each other so happy. The wedding was so hot it set Tahoe on fire literally!

Things don't look good down there and Kev might be taking down a blue crew to access what to do next.

Incredible pictures and I hope you keep sending them when you both settle down. Any honeymoon plans?

TeeRish said...

the wedding was awesome! you looked beautiful and amazing and i really thought the whole thing just felt like it perfectly reflected you and point.

and i love that kiss pic! hawt!

SUEB0B said...

You are a pretty, pretty princess!

mothergoosemouse said...

So fantastic! All of it! And you look absolutely stunning - not at all windblown.

Wishing you and Husband and Blake hundreds of years of happiness!

Meg said...

Congrats! You look gorgeous! I've been anxiously awaiting your side of the story, but I've been stalking Becky's site daily to look at pictures. Yep, I'm stalking you.


jen said...


mayberry said...

YAY!! You look beautiful and I am so glad everything went just the way you wanted it to. Minus the wind. You will be glowing for weeks!!

carrie said...

Oh, that was awesome!!!

You are going to be so glad that you wrote all of this down so you will actually REMEMBER it (well, the video will help with that too - good job!).

I hardly remember my vows, or the reception.

And lord, how I stressed about the crab stuffed mushroom thingys that I didn't even get to eat! Ha, ha. See, the nerdy things I remember?

Happy Happy!


Mommy off the Record said...

Congratulations, Jennster. You look beautiful!

Can I call you Mrs. Boyfriend now?

CAT said...

YAY!!! Everything was just perfect Ster---absolutely delish

Amy said...

Great pics - you looked GORGEOUS!!!


Anonymous said...

Cause really, what's a wedding without a little boob grabbin'???

You look gorgeous!

I am so happy for you!


Mike said...

Congrats! The dress looks great on you! (of course)

dana said...

This is so cool. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

I was nervouse about your wedding, because I heard about a fire near Tahoe.

I'm so glad your wedding turned out beautiful!

RWA said...

See? All these weeks, everybody told you things would be fine and you would have a great time. And they were right!!!!

Great pictures.

ali said...

the pics are stunning!

Lisa said...

Your dress is GEORGOUS. You are GEORGOUS. And I love your flowers too (saw them at Becky's blog). Looks like it was a perfect day for you!

Jenn said...

Congrats! I looked at all 432,234,234 pictures on both yours and becky's flickr and my conclusions are:
1. damn you guys looked like you had fun.
2. You are boyfriend are both hot
3. The whole wedding looked beautiful.

Becky said...

i love you too. i totally loved every second of taking all the pics i took. you totally deserved it. xo

penguininthesun said...

Oh, Jennster... you're so wonderful, haha. I'm glad that you had such a great wedding :)

Grim Reality Girl said...

Congrats!!!! You look STUNNING! I am not shocked -- you are a hottie :-) I also love how the joy of the day shows on everyone's faces. Wishing you many years of bliss. May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future!!!!!

Loren said...

Congratulations!!! You looked beautiful and both looked very happy!

Her Bad Mother said...

CONGRATS congrat congrats congrats you sexy bitch!!!!!

(you're gorgeous. makes me weepy.)

Kristin said...

You look so beautiful and your dress is lovely... congratulations to all of you!

dcrmom said...

Congratulations!! You looked gorgeous. Have a great honeymooon!!