Thursday, June 28, 2007

who knew

it would take this long to recover from the wedding??? i'm STILL exhausted. okay, not exhausted, but definitely tired. i can only imagine that if we would have left right away for the honeymoon, i would have slept 3 days straight. what a waste that would have been.

this has been perfect. i have gotten to unpack things- organize the house a bit- and get settled. so much so that i keep forgetting we're leaving soon! or that we're leaving at all! i will remember when i have to freaking pack! good lord how i'm dreading that. i don't know why, i just am.

i don't have much to say lately. my thoughts are of wedding pictures and videos and friends and all sorts of things i've already said millions of times. the pictures just keep coming in and i will keep adding them to my flickr as i get them! it's funny to see basically the same picture from all sorts of different angles.

we developed the table camera pictures! oh man- a whole role of film of my brother. SO unnecessary!!!! enjoy:









Jenna said...

You gotta love the table cameras...People do some pretty funny things.

Be happy you didn't do the honeymoon right after the wedding. I don't recommend it. We left the next morning (9am flight to Hawaii - Just WHAT were we thinking?) and the second we got there I crashed for like 10 hours while my new husband went off and went snorkeling without me. Some time to relax before heading out would have been much more fun.


Assertagirl said...

Mmm, bear tongue.

Phoenix said...

You know that last picture is exactly why I will have cameras on the table when I get know one day. ;) I love pictures like that, they're great.

When do you go on your honeymoon?

RWA said...

Wow. That one woman in the first picture acts like she's grabbed bear crotch before.


Sarah said...

Oh dear God. I do love my bears.

Alison said...

RWA must be referring to Melissa because I certainly haven't grabbed bear crotch before. That was my first time. :)