Monday, June 04, 2007

so maybe i am losing my mind

boyfriend and i did the wedding favors this weekend. the favors that double as your seating place card. and i hate them. i just think they suck. i want them to look better. boyfriend is convinced that i'm bored and i just want something NEW to plan and design and play with. he's probably right.. (but they still kind of suck....)

it's weird. the wedding is literally, right around the corner and i am second guessing EVERY SINGLE THING i've had planned for the last 2 years. suddenly, i don't have enough candles. i need more candles!!!!! i must have more candles! but i have no time to drive to fucking ikea and get MORE CANDLES!!!! what else can i give people for favors? do i have enough chocolates for the bar? maybe i should order more? will the vases look okay with just water and the stems?! maybe the centerpieces need sea glass in them?! maybe they just need SOMETHING in them??? what else can i DO?!?!?!

he's right- i'm losing it. and that was further confirmed by the fact that i actually thought this the other day...

seriously. what in the hell is wrong with me?!?!! i honestly thought that maybe something new has come out in the last 2 years that i would want more! maybe i want a new dress?! maybe something would look hotter? maybe something would look better? maybe i NEED a new dress??

and someone actually wants to marry me.


Anonymous said...

Nah! You're not psychotic...just excited.

It'll be gorgeous. You'll be gorgeous.

I can't wait to hear all about it.

texas math said...

By the sheer volume of wedding posts...I can tell its really freakin close...haven't been around much and don't know if I'm going to be reading your blog in the next few weeks...but I'll take the time now to wish you and Point all the best...hope your wedding is fabulous and more importantly, Allie and I hope that you and Point enjoy the wonderful moments with each other for the rest of your lives...(the rest of your life, Jen!...thats it...just him...only him...geez does it feel like the walls are closing in on you?) Congrats!

Chase said...

Listen, lady, you just need to hurry up and get it done so I CAN GET IDEAS!!!

I just started planning and have waaaaaaaay too many options. You should see my planning notebook already (and my engagment ring isn't even finished yet!) I need someone to slap me and give me, say, only 10 possibilities. I'm already going nuts.

I'm sure everything will be perfect. I really can't wait to see pictures!

Christina_the_wench said...

*throws her a Valium*

It's gonna be ok....calm down... breathe. Everything is fine. You're fine. The candles and decorations and chocolates are fine.

And if someone thinks differently, screw 'em. This is your wedding, not theirs.

Becky said...

LOL i can't wait til the day is finally here and everything goes perfectly so you can stop obsessing!

JayMonster said...

Ah yes, the "I can't be ready, something is not perfect" cry.

I remember it well. I will be married 13 years in August, and I still remember my (then soon to be wife) having to be talked off the cliff about every decision she was rethinking along the way.

You'll survive it.

dcrmom said...

Oh I can SO relate. I actually DID find another wedding dress at the last minute. Fortunately I hadn't ordered the one I had decided upon. But I think I actually got bored of it, even though I didn't even have it yet. And towards the end, when all the planning was over, I think I just needed something new to do! I went out and found another dress and bought it off the rack.

It will be fabulous. You will look gorgeous! Have fun!!

a happier girl said...

The "maybe I should look for a new dress" thing was pretty crazy. At least you only thought it. And shopping for dresses is fun so who can blame you.

Anonymous said...

Pre wedding nerves! Take a deep breath- everything will be perfect and everyone will be so impressed. It's like the night before Christmas and you're sure you don't have enough stuff for Blake! You're giving people more than anyone ever gives them- favors are not the usual faire at a wedding! You are too generous and I know all the friends and family will be sooooo impressed at all the work you did- just for them- AND it's your day, not theirs! They're supposed to be giving you stuff, not the other way around. Chill- all will be PUUURRRRFFFEECCTT!
Why? Because I said so........!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh- and another thing- nix on another wedding dress!

Alison said...

Stop stressing and relax. Nobody is going to be sitting around criticizing the centerpieces or the favors or the chocolates at the bar. We're all going to be thinking how gorgeous you look and what a great wedding we're at. :)

Beth said...

God Bless his soul! ;)


Mammawannabe said...

Don't worry about it. People don't go to weddings for the favors, they go TO GET LOADED!!! Or at least, that's the way they do it in Cow Hampshire...

sam said...

I'd say a little psychotic.

It's wedding time, of course you're going to go nuts!

Then the day before you'll be the ultimate Bridezilla before you calm down.

Breathe. Everything will be great.

But yeah, maybe a couple more candles?!

(please don't hit me)

Lisa said...

Oh please post photos cause I can't wait to see you in your dress all glowing and happy on your wedding day.

Kevin Charnas said...

"MAYBE" you're losing your mind? MAYBE???

Sweets, that means that you had to have one to start with. HA! Ba-dom-dom. Sorry...No, I'm not. Yes, I am. NO, I'M NOT!!! STOP YELLING AT ME!!!

See? It takes one to know one.

I'm sending you wonderful, peaceful, loving thoughts for your wedding day, Ster.

RWA said...

You just need to get it over with - and then you won't be "losing it" anymore.

It's going to be fine. Relax and stop second-guessing yourself.

norcalgirl28 said...

...what Mom said. ALL OF IT!!!! Mom's are ALWAYS right!!! Listen to her!! You're worrying me!

Meg said...

Wow I don't even think I have words for you! Relax, girl! You will be your hot ass self at your wedding and you will have a great time.

cat said...

take a nap