Sunday, June 17, 2007

less drama, more family!

blake and i flew home the other day to watch my neice graduate from high school. how fucked up am i (seriously) that whenever i would hear someone's first name being read aloud, a famous last name would play in my head? for example(s):

jessica... i immediately thought "simpson!"
britney... i said "spears" in my head..
katherine.. i heard "mcphee!" ring in my ears..
lindsay.. "lohan!!"
kelly... "CLARKSON!"
and on and on and on.
i am surprised i didn't shout them out loud for as excited as i would get trying to match a famous last name with the first one. it was like i was in a game show.... but it was in my head... and it wouldn't stop playing..

i am so proud of my neice. she was so excited and so happy and it was so fun to be there for that special day. i would have never forgiven myself if i had missed it. it's just one of those kinds of days that you don't get back. no do-overs.. no replays.. you're either there for it, or you're not. i remember leaving high school and just how exciting it all was. your whole life ahead of you filled with so much promise and so much unknown. it's awesome! and now she's there! and i couldn't be happier for her!

the trip wouldn't be complete without some pics!

this is my wicked hot sister. and yes, i have a top on.
not naked. i swear

my mom and her howl. lol
HSGrad 062

the graduate with blake and ach (bro & cousin)
HSGrad 076

the graduate with jennster and blakey face
HSGrad 077


DDM said...

Congrats to the graduate!! I'm so glad you three were able to be there for her ceremony. :-)

Starshine said...
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Jen said...

awe, congrats to your niece~ My little brother graduated high school this year. I'm a total bitch because I missed it due to driving to Texas. He knows that I wanted to be there though. Your photos are great! I love the one in your previous post though, haha!

RWA said...

That's a pretty impressive graduating class with all of those celebrities.

Your niece is among famous company.

Becky said...

she's so stinkin cute! your whole family is!

Alison said...

I can't believe how beautiful she is! I mean, I can believe it...just look at your sister. But, you know what I mean. Just YESTERDAY she was little Cindy Brady and now she's all grown up! I'm happy for her!

Phoenix said...

The game show in your head is way, WAY funnier than the ones they play on TV.

I'm glad you were able to go to her graduation, since the wedding is so close. Cute pics.

carrie said...

Well, one has to think of something to pass the time during those endless graduation ceremonies!

COngrats to your niece!


dana said...

gorgeous photos! congrats to your neice!