Monday, June 18, 2007

it needs to be said

that i have officially reached the point of FREAK THE FUCK OUT-ness!!!!!

no, i'm not nervous. and this has absolutely nothing to do with cold feet, or the actual getting married to one weiner for the rest of my life.. i'm just freaking out. the amount of things that need to be done, and checked off, and put together, etc and so forth, just swirl around in my head. constantly. it doesn't help that our stupid coordinator who has completely ignored me for over a year, is suddenly inundating me with emails and phone calls and freaking 10 page contracts to look over and approve. i'm like, "YOU COULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS WITH ME MONTHS AGO?!?!?!" cause she had all the information she is just now putting together at least 6 months ago!!!! i don't like doing things at the last minute, so this shit pisses me off. and adds to the FREAK OUT!!!

poor boyfriend- he turned to me in this morning and was like, "5 days til we get married!" and i snapped back, "oh that was cute a month ago. it's not cute anymore. i am so freaked out about shit, that i don't need you reminding me that i have no time left to do things that still need to get done at the start of each day!!!!" i'm surprised he didn't call the whole thing off. i must be a fucking joy to live with. he does make fun of the fact that for over 2 years i've been completely (well somewhat) normal- and NOW i'm losing it. he has mentioned medicating me. great.

yes. apparently now, i am going to lose it.

we haven't talked to our dj. not even once. i just have lots to do. and my head can only hold so much information before it explodes and makes a mess all over the place. i promise y'all that i'll be perfectly fine on saturday. because by then i simply won't give a shit anymore- it will be too late. but for now- yes, i fully intend on losing it. and i'm well on my way.


Starshine said...

Hang in there Jennster!

I'm getting married one week after you are. :) Have fun as you ride this crazy wave for the rest of the week!

Starshine said...

Also, i read the post you wrote a few days ago about your dad not coming to your wedding , and you've been on my mind ever since. I just want you to know that I'm really sorry he's not coming. *hugs*

Izzy said...

Just think, in six days all the craziness will be behind you and you can focus on the best part of all of this...being married!


(You're going to post photos as soon as you get near a computer, right? lol)

M said...

First- take a DEEP breath and then drink a martini to take the edge off! That was my cure-all when I got married!!! Just kidding!
On the serious side, know that everything will work out. It will go off without a hitch. And if something does go wrong, only you will know. The guests will have NO idea.
Enjoy this time of freak-outness. (I realize that isn't a word, but I couldn't think of another word!!)
My wedding coordinator was fired from her company one week before my wedding! I was a ball of stress and so irritated. But in the end, everything went smoothly and I loved every second of it!

Mike said...

Being a person that has done this more than once, all I can say is to just enjoy the day. You're going to be so busy with the pictures and seeing people that you won't care so much what song the DJ is playing.

I know this sounds cheesy (especially from a guy) but all that matters is you and Point. Everything else is just noise.

PS - From what you've said about POint in past posts, I wouldn't worry so much about the "one weiner" thing.

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Summer Donna! haha! Everything will be alright, but I totally understand. I can't STAND when things are done at the last minute ESPECIALLY when that broad had so long to give you all that stuff. Does she think you dont have anything better to do? Good Lord!

Its funny that you mention that Boyfriend wants you medicated. My boyfriend has mentioned that to on more than one occasion. Such lucky girls are we! LOL, j/k.

Becky said...

oh man. you are freakin out! tray called me last nite and said you were heading towards freaking the F out! its all good honey! take a deep breath! things will come together perfectly! OMG! can't wait to see you in a few days! xo

Alison said...

This is totally normal, so go right ahead and FREAK OUT! We're all expecting you to lose your shit, so do it already. :) Just like everyone else said, everything will work out just fine. It's the anticipation that gets to you....take one day at a time and try to relax. You have so many people who would love to help, so just say the word and you'll have all these little servants running around (like me!). Are you at least not working this week?

Assertagirl said...

Jenn, soon you'll reach the point where certain items on your list just won't seem to matter anymore and then you'll automatically have like 10 things to cross off!

The day of is so much fun, you'll be great. And yes, it sounds like a martini is in order!

Phoenix said...

Hang in there. I think it's normal to freak out. Every bride I've known has. It's probably a good thing. Then you won't freak out on the day.

But I'd recomend a little alcohol. Just a bit, might take the edge off.

Anonymous said...

R U Perioding?

carrie said...

You are completely normal.

If anyone tells you anything different they're nuts.

I wish I could fast forward the days so you didn't have to wait, and I know saying "it'll all be worth it" sounds cliche right now, but it is true.

Remember to breathe!!!


RWA said...

You're not going to lose it. Everything will work out.

dana said...

I'd tell you to relax, because before you know it the day will be over and you'll miss it, but that will just piss you off even more.

It pissed me off when people said it to me, but sadly, they were right.

hang in there, hon!

Anonymous said...

All will be fine.

I swore I would not be a "bridezilla" or anything closely resembling such. However, as a single Mom, who had raised her child alone, when I was faced with getting married (again), I WAS FREAKED OUT. The total commitment, the changing of names, feeling like I selling out, I was a MESS.

Now I have just been reviewing the pictures, (taken 6 weeks ago) and I look so very…happy.

Relax, enjoy this time. And….trust me, have someone take lots of pics and video. You won’t remember the details.

I’ll be thinking of you.



kim said...

awww jen its going to be ok ... its going to be wonderful in fact :)

deep breaths ... and ya a drink !

spidey said...

Awww, settle down girlie. Everything is going to be great. I think it is normal to freak out though--especially with all of the planning you put into this! Take a deep breath and do your best to relax! The wedding will be so awesome and I feel so lucky that I will actually get to be there-woohoo!

Oh, and I had to laugh at your little flip out on point. That totally sounds like something I would say to Jason when I was stressed! LOL

Anonymous said...

Getting Married is fun, Its almost as fun as playing with Toys!

I hope it all goes well for you,

First time stopping by the blog but it looks great!