Friday, June 29, 2007


tomorrow!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

will post more pictures (are you sick of them yet) when i get back! but they'll be honeymoon ones this time!

thank you everyone for all the amazing and kind things you've said over the past week about our wedding pictures, etc. you are truly the best and i can't thank you enough for the compliments!

*super big married smooches* see, i'm already whoring around. ha!

leaving you with one of my favorite pics of me with my mom (and some friends). i look awful, but the smile on my mom's face says it all. she is so stinking cute.
so cute


Becky said...

lol i love this pic. i love fo in it. and you can see me and matt laughing at her LOL have a fantastic honeymoon. we'll miss you! xo

Nikki said...

beautiful dress.

I'm glad all that stress is finally over for you.

Now go buy something to beat your husband're gonna have to keep him in line ;D

SUEB0B said...

No, never sick of the photos.

Smooches back.

Erin said...

OK so I've been majorly MIA and Missed your damn wedding!? God I suck! You were beautiful, and from the pics you've posted, it looks like my kind of wedding! Hope the honeymoon is even more awesome than the kiss that took your breath away!

Karen Rani said...

I'm with Suebob. Go get married again so we can see more pics. Ha ha....hope you are having a blast!!!!!!!!


fo said...

i can't believe noone commented on the hot ho in the red dress