Tuesday, May 29, 2007

when a weekend is perfect

you have a perfect weekend! :) going home to so cal for memorial day was awesome. the weather was great and it's always SO nice to see friends that you miss tremendously. not to mention my kick ass family. words do no justice. pics show it all.

a little ass grabbing never hurt anyone..
oooh- booty

neither did boob grabbing
yes. i am grabbing boobs.

boyfriend and my brother. drinking like the drinkers they are.
they are just whores

generations. my sister, her daughter, and me
the girls!

siblings! thank the goddess HE'S the one who got the belly

blake is hardcore
blake is hardcore

guitar hero RULES!
the men. playing guitar hero

trevor and my nephew
memorialday 147

blake probably whooped katie's ass. lol
memorialday 144


Phoenix said...

Girl, when you left, did you take my dam sun?

Looks like you guys had fun. The ass grabbing is some dam funny shit.

alison said...

I love looking at your pictures!

kim said...

great pics jen.. its good to go home! *sigh* i do miss california sometimes

RWA said...

You take the best pictures. Not many people would post pictures of ass and boob grabbing!!!

dana said...

Fun photos! You always know how to have a good time. BlogHer is gonna rock.