Wednesday, May 16, 2007


OH MY GOSH! oh my gosh! holy YES YES YES YES YES!!!!

i came home to this last night:

and that made my face do this:

which led to much hugging and kissing and this:

the only question i have is..... who the hell sent it???????

the culprits have been found! 7 of my wonderful forum friends all got together and bought me the suckiest of wedding presents ever!!!! thank you so so so so so so much danno, tray, fo, becks, gina, spidey and andrew! y'all rock.... hard!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Its almost as big as you!

Elizabeth said...

That is SO COOL! you have AWESOME friends in your forum! Those suckers (ha!) are expensive. And I hear they work really really well, too. Dude!

Stephanie A. said...

Wowza, what an awesome gift. Those guys rock for getting it for you! Happy cleaning!!!!

Becky said...

youre welcome. muah!

Christina_the_wench said...

Man, I am frickin' jealous. And that is sad 'cause it is a damn vaccuum cleaner.

God, I need a life.

Eileen said...

What's a forum and where can I get friends?

Anonymous said...

Who gives a's yours now.

Tee he..

Enjoy it. It is heaven.

alison said...

I am so jealous. I want one too!!

carrie said...

I can't believe you finally got your dream vacuum!! You've been wanting that for a looooong time. That rocks. You have awesome friends! :)

Happy vacuuming!


Angelika said...


I might have to get married if I get presents like that! ;-)

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Omigod! I am so fucking jealous of you! I saw that in the store the other day and started pushing it around, and it was at that moment that I fell in love with it.

Now I guess I'm going to have to get married in order to get cool presents like that.

spidey said...

You have awesome forum friends! ;)

Mommy off the Record said...

What a great present!! I have a dyson too. They're pretty great.

Linlee said...

Oh I am sooo jealous!

David said...

Those pictures look familiar. All the women in my family worship our Dyson.

We even got a toy Dyson for the babies. Dyson worship.