Wednesday, May 30, 2007


when i talk about the WEDDING OF THE YEAR!, i get really overwhelmed. it's very hard for me to put into words how i feel. i have had 3 amazing bridal showers. the gifts just keep on coming in the mail. and they are SUCH awesome, thoughtful, kick ass gifts- from so many amazing, kind and super generous people!!! sincerely. we have been so lucky!

SO many people are coming to our wedding. and i know it's not cheap to get there. there are flights to book, the resort to stay at, car rentals, etc. all those things add up so quickly and i know and realize it. but even with all of these expenses, our friends are SO ridiculously generous! everyone is making us feel so special. even those people who weren't invited, are still being SO thoughtful and sweet. the gestures we've gotten are truly overwhelming. i wish i could think of a better word. but i can't.

part of me thinks i don't deserve all this kindness. while another part of me wonders why i'm being bestowed with such unbelievable generosity. all i know is that i truly appreciate it all. i am humbled by every single piece of kindness. and there has been too much of it, to even begin to count. i guess i just want to say THANK YOU!! a most heartfelt and sincere, thank you.

what blew you away at your wedding?


Stephanie A. said...

I was blown away when I first walked into the ceremony and everyone was standing, turned around looking at me. I saw the face of everyone I love and hold dear that day. Then, as I walked closer to Adam I could see him, tears in his eyes, and I just started sobbing. It really was absolutely increcible to see so many people so happy for us.

Christina_the_wench said...

What blew me away was that I didn't fall off the table I was dancing on. Unbelieveable, I know.

Seriously, how fast the day went. It's like you're in a whirlwind and then it's over.

alison said...

How fun it was and how relaxed I was after all that stressing. And, it wasn't "the bride's side" and "the groom's side"....our families and friends are all very similar (rowdy)---not to mention we're practically siblings---so everyone had fun. Good times, I tell ya. I can't wait for YOURS!!!

Meg said...

I was just overwhelmed when I was actually walking down the aisle. All those months of planning and stressing and I knew at the point that it was finally here. There was nothing else I could do but to enjoy our day.

And yay for all of your supportive friends. You aren't kidding when you're calling this the wedding of the year!

Becky said...

we all love you jenn. you are such a fantastic person. its totally our pleasure to be there on your big day and take tons and tons of pics and share the whole thing with you. xo