Sunday, May 20, 2007

the last shower!

no really.
today's shower was the final one.
i swear it.
there are no more.

this one was my work shower and i must preface this post by telling everyone who reads this blog, that i work with THE most thoughtful, kind and super fun women (and guys) ever.!!! today was so much fun and the gifts were incredible (so unique and beautiful and every other positive adjective i could think of)!! everything was so amazing and everyone worked so hard to put this together for me, it was really heartwarming. i am humbled by their kindness. truly.

but for now- let's just look at pics cause we all know how fun these are! :)

the entryway to the house
how sweet is that?

it wouldn't be a bridal shower without some toilet paper brides! lol
toilet paper brides are so beautiful!

my most favorite cake of the moment.. hello princess cake!!!
my most favorite cake ever!  princess cake!

who knows what i'm doing. seriously. one can never be sure.
the girls and my ass

jenn & michele

betsy, heather, ster & jann


alison said...

Mmmmm....mimosas. I want one.

Very cute pictures, as usual.

RWA said...

You've got to be impressed when someone's willing to draw your names on their doormat with chalk.

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun.

Beth said...

you are so freakin cute! I bet you are SO much fun to be around!

Sarah said...

Waa...wish I could have been there. You look so happy!

Who's house is that?

So, are you sure this is the end of the showers?!

carrie said...

Yay for the beautiful bride-to-be! You look so happy.

And you're right, there MUST be a tp conmetition at every bridal shower . . . and cake, of course! Yum!


jennster said...

sarah- it was at c dubs house!
we miss you- well me, trish and michele do! lol.. see you soon!!!!!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh...please say that you are wearing your hair down with your veil for the wedding. It looks SO pretty that way!