Thursday, May 03, 2007

i had another shower, ya know

of course you don't know.. because i haven't talked about. and a shower isn't worth talking about if i don't have any pictures to show you! and we can all blame the people with camera's who molested me (MOTHER!!!) and took lots of pics (future mother in law, celeste and trish!!!) and haven't shown me a single, damn one of em. they hate me. and they obviously hate you, blogworld, otherwise i would have at least one picture of my sweaty stomach to show you.

ps- my interview is up at mommybloggers, as well as a trip down memory lane with the post that made the waitress cry. good times!

Mommybloggers: How did you get into off-roading? What other adventurous activities do you enjoy?
Jennster: have you seen the man i'm marrying?? he is how i got into offroading. he wheels his truck and i go along for the ride. i love it though! it is so much fun and we get to see such incredibly beautiful places that we would NEVER get to see otherwise. i love it! i freaking love quad riding- we totally want some! i would love to have a dirtbike! can't you see me hauling ass on a motorbike, getting stuck in mud somewhere? oh wait, that already happened. lol

Mommybloggers: Where else can we get our Jennster fix?
Jennster: you can always come stalk me. i'm sure that would be pretty exciting! you can stare at numerous pictures of me on my personal website ( you can move closer to me and we can go out and party like rockstars!

the rest is here

thanks again to everyone commenting and saying things that should make my head explode, but instead it just makes me blush. y'all are the best and i appreciate every word you've written.


dana said...

You know, Jennster, I think you're pretty damn cool. Even though I haven't known you for very long (you know in blogworld), I feel like I've known of your awesomeness for years!

So, at BlogHer, will you be my coolness guru!

Heh. I keep remembering Owen Wilson in that movie, yenno with that Ness?

I wanna see the Jennsterness!

jennster said...

:( but i'm not going! unless we can figure something out, i'm totally missing out this year. such a bummer, but the honeymoon takes precedence. you see my dilemna! :)

jennster said...

and THANK YOU dana- i think you rock!!!

alison said...

I want to see pictures of your sweaty stomach! Get them, get them, and post them!

I have the most adorable picture of Jessica on a quad from last summer. Fun, but they scare me!

Beth said...

you so deserve it...I think you're great and I love reading you.

And what's the deal with NO PICTURES?!! uh, HELLO!!! You're the freakin BRIDE TO BE for goodness sake!

Give the woman some pictures of her damn shower! :)

RWA said...

Pictures of your "sweaty stomach"?


Elizabeth said...

Your stomach got SWEATY? What the hell kind of bridal shower WAS it?? LOL

Jen said...

whatever, i've been stalking your hot ass for over a year now..........and i still love you!!!!