Monday, May 07, 2007

dear late wedding rsvp'ers,

i realize that giving you over a month to RSVP, and giving you over a years notice about the actual wedding, was simply not enough time. i can't make the dreaded seating chart until i know who's coming. i can't make the final payment on the wedding of the year, until i have a final headcount. you do realize that every one of you who has not sent in your card is making me pull my hair out, don't you? yes, i said every one- which means there are far more than just 1 or 2 couples who haven't sent in their card.

i understand the difficulty of checking a box and putting something in the mail. especially when you don't have to futz around looking for a stamp to put on it. that must be the kicker. next time, i won't provide the stamp. no stamp = motivation? i bet that's it. i made it too easy for you. i blame the stamp. no matter how cute it is, it's totally the stamps fault.

ps- i'm just being a shithead. i fully realize that our wedding is not necessarily an easy decision for some people- it's far away, not cheap to attend, and we're not having kids there. but don't you know by now if you're coming or not??


SUEB0B said...

This is not just weddings. This is every party. I used to throw a big annual bash that I catered myself because I love to cook, and literally half the people wouldn't bother to RSVP, or they would say they weren't coming and they would, and they would bring random friends, dogs, etc. It was kind of a nightmare, so I am feeling you.

These are probably the same people who don't write thank you notes :-P

Izzy said...

Don't even get me started on RSVP's.

If you don't hear from them by a certain point, you should send them a super sweet note saying that you're sorry they won't be attending and that you will miss them terribly.

Bet THAT will get their attention!!!

alison said...

It's just like the nightmare birthday party where half of the parents didn't bother to RSVP. I just don't understand how some people can sleep at night knowing that they are RUDE!!!!!!

Meg said...

Well they need to send them soon because the price of stamps goes up on Monday! (I just found this out today and this was the perfect place to apply my new-found knowledge).

You could do as The Hubby wanted to do at our wedding: anyone who shows up but didn't RSVP has to put 39 cents in a jar to reimburse you!

Eileen said...


The price of stamps goes up AGAIN???


Karen said...

Can you or (a close friend or family member) give these hold out folks a telephone call and simply ask "Are you coming to the wedding?" Yes, they are being rude and terrile guests, but maybe they just need to be called out. I am not good RSVPer. If I don't respond right away, I tend to forget. A little reminder is all I need.

Dana said...

Yeah...people suck at RSVP's. I can't imagine why. It's just a simply reply card, yenno?

Sarah's Mama said...

What's that saying? Shit happens? I'm with Karen on this one.
Stuff happens sometimes and people get side tracked. I'm sure they didn't mean to do it.

RWA said...

Not having kids there?!?!?!?

Are you locking Blake in a closet until it's over or something?

jennster said...

no kids. blake is THE exception. there will be a couple of 14 year olds and 2 17 year olds, but that is it.