Saturday, May 05, 2007

boyfriend left me

for nascar.

and it's his birthday today.

yep. he's in virginia with his brother for his "bachelor" weekend. when i was telling him goodbye yesterday, i started crying. such a stupid girl, I KNOW... but realizing that he was going to be gone for his birthday made me so sad at the time. i want to be clear that i'm not mad he's gone- not angry- and of course it's totally fine that he's not here on his bd. it just sucks that i can't make his day special- because hello, he's not here. and hello, how the hell do you compete with a nascar weekend???
you don't.

it kind of sucks that this bachelor crap is on his bd as well. how can any bd from here on out, ever compare to this one? *sighs*

oh well...

in honor of him being gone and nascar'ing around- i'm going out!!! night on the town with the girls (or at least my future sister in law). trouble is bound to happen. the good kind. i can't wait! we might take pics- or we might make sure there's no evidence!


Anonymous said...

Race cancelled until Sun. 1pm. The BF is going to be really, really pissed.

I know my hubby is! Rain delay.

alison said...

Nascar? Are you sure he doesn't want to move down to Simi? He'd fit in so much better with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library than he does up there in liberal Marin County!

If the race was cancelled today, that stinks. All that way on his birthday!

Have fun tonight!

Angelika said...

Have fun! :-)

RWA said...

Good for boyfriend! Surely this isn't the first NASCAR race he's been to.

The race at Richmond is always exciting. I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

kim said...

he will be glad to be home and think hes lucky to be able to do both cuz youre so understanding and sweet. especially if you greet him at the door naked with pizza and a blank tape to record the delayed race on :)

jennster said...

he stayed longer so that he could watch the race today. that would have sucked if he had to come home nad miss the whole thing

Lawyer Mama said...

You should have come with him. Virginia's a great state - oops - I mean COMMONWEALTH! (I'm not such a big fan of the NASCAR though.)