Wednesday, May 02, 2007

being a mom + having a blog =


i am completely blown away and flattered at the entirely super sweet post written and all of your comments. you are all truly the best and i am completely humbled by each and every ounce of praise.

but i fucking love you for it! :)

thank you so much mieke, kristen, mary tsao and sweatpants mom for all the super sweet and freaking hilarious things you wrote!!!! (extra exclamations for marsha) i appreciate it and the feeling is mutual- or quadrupable- or something!! :)

"We first met this free-wheeling mommyblogger at BlogHer in 2006, and were instantly drawn in by her infectious laugh and outrageous sense of humor. Okay, well, we were a little scared first, but THEN we were ready to commit to matching tattoos......"
read the rest here..

ps- i hate that picture of me, but really, i'm not complaining.. carry on


Becky said...

aw that was so super nice. and its all true. you rock girl:) xo

Dana said...

I'm so excited to see you featured! That rocks! And that photo is the best of you. I love it!

RWA said...

Good for you...congratulations!!!

Mayberry said...

How Cool Is That?! Very nice!!

mollymcmo said...

jenn thats an awesome write up.....and its all true! love you too....although i might be scared too if i ever met you in person! LOL!
very cool, congrats!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Cheers!!! :)

Mommy said...

Ah, shit. I meant to ask you which photo to use, and totally ran out of time. Sorry! Pick another one for us and I'll change it out.

Mwah! Thanks for letting us feature you (and you have an additional praise that we added after the fact)

carrie said...

Right. On.


Mary Tsao said...

I like that picture! (Am I looking at the right one?) Don't change a thing.