Tuesday, May 08, 2007

at least in this wedding dream

i could actually find my guests. (as opposed to the ones where my guests are so fucking bored they leave the wedding completely) but it wasn't much better. they were all there, but they weren't doing anything! so i was frantically running to everyone asking them if they KNEW we had an open bar. they all replied with yes, to which i scolded them for NOT DRINKING! because we all know that if everyone is drunk, everyone has a good time. dur!

i looked down at my hand in the dream and noticed i didn't have on my wedding band. i found boyfriend and asked him where it was... he said we forgot the wedding rings at home, along with everything else. everything else?!???!

these dreams are killing me. lol


dana said...

I only had one awful pre-wedding nightmare and it was about my husband not coming to the church because he was so nervous that his brother got him drunk.

I woke up and smacked Doug and told him he could never drink again. To this day he laughs about it.

mollymcmo said...

i have weird dreams that i've lost my teeth. just as disturbing lol!

i can't remember if i had pre wedding dreams that were odd.

i do remember quite a few pregnancy dreams. those were amazing! LMAO!!


Becky said...

LOL they're as crazy as preggo dreams.

wait, are you pregnant? ;) totally j/k!

Angelika said...

You poor thing.

This is why I'm never having a wedding.

Justice of the Peace (HA!) is all I need. And 2 witnesses.


alison said...

I'm not surprised. You have weird dreams all the time. Like the New Kids on the Block dreams you used to have in high school. I love sharing random shit about you. :)

Grim Reality Girl said...

In the dream, walk up to the bar and do a shot. It will get the party started. Start picturing what you want in your mind... it is the best way to improve strange dreams.

I have lots of crazy dreams. I had to learn to force myself to change course mid-dream. It sounds way to logical, but you can decide.... really. (stress tends to make dreams strange, it is normal to be stressed before the wedding, worry not!!)

carrie said...

Too funny. I am sure everything will be PERFECT!

Hopefully soon???


creative-type dad said...

Before my wedding, I only had a dreams about showing up without any pants.
The night before, I practically slept in them.

Lisa said...

That is wild.

Sounds like you are very, VERY, VERY ready for the wedding day to happen. You might find yourself feeling very relieved once its over. hehee