Friday, April 27, 2007

it's a blogland baby shower!

have you heard about the baby shower that is happening in blogland? yes, i said a baby shower... in blogland! (saying and typing blogland still makes me laugh)

it's going on right now and you should be a part of it! the shower is for 3 very lovely pregnant mama's!!!! HOW FUN IS THAT??? super fun! you know you want to play! i know i do!!

there are games, prizes and all sorts of fun stuff! such a cute idea put on by some very talented & thoughtful ladies!!!!

go check it out! because i mean really, what else are you going to do?

ps- whoever wins basket G, i'm coming for you. all i want are the dvd's.. you can have the rest. YOU HEAR ME WOMEN?


ali said...

this really is such a nice idea! :) i think i shall have a giant slice of cake, you know, in honor of them!!

Jenn said...

No fair! I want an on-line baby shower! lol

Her Bad Mother said...

I'll bet there's no one funner than you in the shower, baby.


Mom101 said...

Thanks Jennster - I'm sending you positive G basket vibes.

spidey said...

I want to be online showered! lol