Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i have a stamp, MAIL ME!

i think people think it's cute to personally hand me their response card to the wedding of the year.

first of all fuckers, it ruins the surprise of WHOSE response card this will be.

secondly, you're taking away precious amounts of excitement i get walking to the mailbox each and everyday. you do realize that the response you just had to hand me, could have been waiting for me in my mailbox, where it belongs, don't you?!?!

and last, but not least... i paid for the postage! i didn't put stamps on there for my health.

maybe i'll punish everyone who didn't mail me their response by putting them in the corner table behind the fireplace. *insert evil laugh here*


alison said...

Yes, they should be at the corner table. You can even name it "The Stamp Wasters' Table." :)

Do you tell boyfriend that he MUST NOT get the mail before you under any circumstances? I am this way, and I'm not expecting any wedding responses...I just like to get the mail and if Chris gets it first, there will be hell to pay. :)

Becky said...

well thank god i mailed mine!

Eileen said...

Very funny post.

Dana said...

My mother would hand deliever reply cards to a bride/groom if she saw them on a daily basis...but as for the envelope and stamp? She's white out the return address and use it for something else.

texas math said...

can we say "anal"? Or is the more politically correct term "obsessive-compulsive"?

RWA said...

That is pretty bad - especially if you paid for the stamp!

Put them all in the bad seats. At least becky will have a good table.

blackbeltmama said...

Ooh, I'm sensing a Bride-zilla is about to hatch! ;-)

Angelika said...

Wow. Is it normal to put postage in there with the invites? People can't afford stamps???

You have some ghetto friends, Jenn. ;-p

Anonymous said... jim here (who did mail his response!!!) I have to go on a cruise to the caribbean now and have no time for wedding....that is the next excitment after this excitment...yes it is 4:30 am and I am ready to get to the airport bar and start drinking at is such a long wait that I started already with a red bull and vodka (grey goose of course) and grenadine. And then who can resist those 10.00 drinks at the airport...whooa!!!Is that a dixie cup you are serving this in, did you manage to get the 1/4 shot of booze in that fucker!!!! Good thing I bought my wife and I a flask, so I can go to the airport burgerking and buy a 5.00 pepsi (yes pepsi cause coke is like impossible to find anywhere now) and add my own love to it and however much love I feel I need, which is always alot!!! That was good I have to go mix another one now.....pause........Oh, what are we taking in our flasks that must be consumed before going thru security, jack and grey goose, actually Fran won't be taking her flask becuase it is too early for her to consume and especially that much before going thru security...oh I'm sorry do all of you have to go to work today...hehehehehehe. Well okay I am off to costa maya, belize, cozumel and rotaan (honduras) jim

TrojanGuy said...

We didn't want to deprive you of the joy so we mailed ours.

Virginia Belle said...

wow, i never thought about that before. i will be sure to mail all wedding reply cards from here on out.

your blog is more than just a blog, ster. it's a PSA.

thank you for preventing me from annoying other bride-to-bes. :)

i totally get the whole, "woo hoo! the mail's here!" excitement thing.

only, since i'm single, i just get excited about netflix arrivals.


Virginia Belle said...

brother jim is a total riot.

i wanna go on vacay with that guy!

TeeRish said...

PHEW! i mailed mine. jeff wanted me to give it to you, but i know how exciting it is to get stuff in the mail!

spidey said...

OMG, LMAO at this! Only you would get upset about this.