Friday, March 02, 2007

hello, bridal shower???

did i even TALK about this?!?!! i don't think i did. and what the hell is the matter with you people? why didn't you ask me?! i should probably take a hint (you know, the one telling me that you're tired of hearing things about the wedding, the bridal shower, the honeymoon, etc).. but i won't.

my southern california bridal shower was awesome!!! my sister is so freaking cool, creative, thoughtful and amazing. she did a total beach theme for me, which i loved and could not have been MORE me! it was perfect! she had beach towels on the floor and beach chairs everywhere- flip flop candles for people in their gift bags, and the coolest stinking cake ever! i'm tempted to tell you that the cake was a lilo & stitch cake- minus lilo & stitch, but i won't. wait, i just did. oh well. it so doesn't take away from the coolness of it at all! she even moved all of the furniture out of her living room to make the beach. talk about dedication. let's take a look:

the beach towels, chairs, and people!
lounging at the beach!

cute beachy accessories!
more beachy cuteness

flip flop candle gifts!
cute candles!

even bright & fun, beachy cocktail mixers!!!
super fun drinks

the coolest cake ever!
the cake

my mom made gift bags for everyone. these cute little beachy totes with different beach themed designs.. see:
beach themed shower!

everything was so cute, fun and awesome! not to mention seeing my friends and family friends i've practically known forever. it was a great weekend! the perfect shower and i have to tell my sister THANK YOU for all she did! and to my best friend ali too- who totally helped plan and plot, but got sick and couldn't make it. (you all know her in my comments.. and probably yours too)

so that's the so cal shower recap folks! thanks for coming. take a strawberry on your way out, k?
chocolate covered strawberries!


Jenn said...

Looks like LOADS of fun!!!

norcalgirl28 said...

You goof, I thought, and probably other people too, that you either weren't ready to share, or didn't want to, no offense taken at all. I'm glad you shared though. It looks so cool. The beach is the best place in the world.

Jennifer said...

Yum! Did your sis make the strawberries also???

alison said...

I didn't ask because I didn't want to see what I missed. You did post some pictures from your weekend down there in your "Things You Miss About Southern California" post. I figured that was all you were going to share.

I'll take a strawberry. Can I have a piece of Lilo and Stitch cake too? :)

I can't believe I missed it. But you wouldn't have wanted me breathing stomach flu virus on your cake, you know. Also, I mailed your gift yesterday. Be looking for it. :)

Jenster said...

What fun!! I love those flip flop candles. Where in SoCal are you from? I'm from Redondo and I miss it tremendously at times.

metro mama said...

How lovely. I wish I was wearing flip flops right now, eating chocolate covered strawberries. It sure is cold and grey in Toronto!

Elizabeth said...

That looks like the funnest bridal shower ever! I love that it had a theme, mine was just us sitting around my Mom's living room. Kudos to your Mom and sister for making it so fun and creative!

carrie said...

What a cool bridal shower, and great pics! Looks like you have a talented and fun sis, just like you!!! :)


Nikki said...

What a great theme.

Stop stressin' chick. You'll be beautiful.

Undercover Angel said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful bridal shower! The pictures were awesome!

RWA said...

Well done by your sister!

Virginia Belle said...

DUDE i love me a theme party. that kicks ass. too cute.

did you get lotsa cool stuff??? no pics of the loot? WTF??

dang, now i want to go to the beach...