Thursday, March 29, 2007

getting lost in mini golf

sometimes i feel like i'm the only person who still watches lost. i am, huh? i just have one thing to say about last nights show. WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE?? okay, maybe i have two things. you think that after 3 seasons of this show, you're going to introduce me to 2 new characters and think i give a rats ass about them? you think killing them on the same show you give me their backstory matters to me?!?!? i could give a shit if you bury them alive, burn them at the stake, or eat them for dinner.
i will admit it was super fun to see shannon and boone again. but that's about it.

from lost to mini golf. that makes perfect sense, right?

jeff is a super jumper after a hole in one!

super jumping jeff

that is my dancing face. see? mouth open like that? it means i'm dancing...

mouth open = dancing face

jeff and trish.... doesn't this pose look familiar?

lmfao- i love this pic

even with his eyes closed, he is SO FREAKING YUMMY!!!


he won't lightsaber fight with me. i am even making the sound effects... but he doesn't care!

he wouldn't lightsaber fight with me

trish and i high five (really, that is me behind the hair) after our hole in ones!

hairy jump


Tammy said...

I still watch it too...and it totally sucked last night! They must be running out of their normal weird-ass material and deperately filling with fluff.

(but I'll keep watching...)

Anonymous said...

I love that you are almost always jumping. You better have a jumping picture from your wedding!

radioactive girl said...

I watch Lost too, and was super pissed that I wasted my time last night. I even had nightmares about being buried alive after I watched it.

Your pictures rock! I love the jumping ones! You look like you are so happy!

RWA said...

Good grief! You are not supposed to use the putters to have pretend light-saber fights. Clearly Point knows that.

It's a wonder y'all weren't thrown off the course for such outlandish behavior!

alison said...

Shit, if I jumped in those shoes I would for sure break an ankle. Nice job. Very impressive.

Meg said...

Hilarious pictures! And you have the best jump. I'm with Janet, I want to see a picture of you jumping in your wedding dress!

Shelia said...

How come you always look fatter in your slutty clothes, i mean come on. And your future has nothing but a little dick to sleep with.

jennster said...

sheila.. what the fuck is your pathetic brain spewing out?!? my future has what??! only a true pussy posts under a name where i can't go to their blog and respond back to them. and you think i'm dressed slutty?!?!! you know, kind of like your attempts at dissing me here.

Shelia said...

Eh, you will get divorced after the 3rd day, thats what your future holds.

jennster said...

sheila. go waste someone else's time.. you're not worth mine

Shelia said...

Im just saying the truth.

Virginia Belle said...

DUDE, i think it is total bulls--t that you live in California because that's really far away from me and i wish you lived closer to me so we could hang out because you are super fun and i am super fun and we would have super fun together.

how's that for a run on?

ugh. no more sugar binges before bedtime. sorry. i will try to have more normal comments.

Virginia Belle said...

sheila's a bitch.

Virginia Belle said...

no, sheila's a stupid bitch.