Wednesday, March 14, 2007


it's still an adjustment, getting used to little league as opposed to pony ball. i know y'all are tired of hearing me bitch about it, but dammit- it's the ONE thing that blake plays and the one thing he absolutely LOVES to do. and i want to give him the very best environment, competition, and chance for growth that i can. bottom line is, if blake never played pony ball, i wouldn't know what he was missing. but he did.. and i do... and i have to deal with that everyday.

it's weird because yes, this years league is better than last years.... but it's still about the level of ball he played when he was 6. that's 2 years ago. i heard a coach mention that a player should be in the majors (the highest division in little league) and in all honesty, i don't think the kid is that good. so i wonder if that kid should be in majors.. WHY? because he can actually pitch and pitch well? if you keep taking all the kids who can play baseball decently and put them in the league above- then you give the kids in minors (what blake is in now) the same shit they had in rookies.... no one good to play against. if you take all the pitchers who can pitch and move them up, you give the kids no good pitchers to hit off of. i mean, WHY take away the competition? why take away the good players? i just don't understand this league's frame of mind at all. i miss the kids being pushed to be better players. i miss the level of competition blake had in pony ball. it would blow your mind. at least he's excited! :)

woohoo!  in catchers gear!


norcalgirl28 said...

You're killing me smalls!!!!! I love that picture of Blake though. He does look happy.

Sarah's Mama said...

Whoa. He looks just like you! Mouth wide open and arms in the air.

texas math said...

baseball is such a fun sport...I'm glad its the sport that blake loves to play.

And a note: it is a valid arguement for pitchers who pitch really well (i.e. the ones who can throw some heat) to be moved up a notch...its a good idea for the safety of the batters he faces. I dont know how fast kids that age can throw, but lets say they the best kid can throw a 40mph fastball, that would be equivalent to an adult throwing a 100 mph fastball...and kids that young just don't can't react quick enough if that ball is coming straight at them.

jennster said...

well tony, they need to learn. LOL i don't think you can teach them to play, if you keep coddling them and not allowing them to learn.. know what i mean?
ps- the kids are like 9, 10 and 11 years old. i think that's old enough to react to a pitch, don't you?

alison said...

And adorable. What a cutie. Hang in there. He'll be in high school soon enough, his little hot self playing with all the other hotties, with teenage girls stalking them and leaving power pellets on their porches in the middle of the night. Who me?

Grim Reality Girl said...

GREAT pic! He is adorable and HAPPY! YAY! I'm with you -- sometimes we parents notice the differences on teams more than the kids.... hang in there!