Wednesday, January 24, 2007

me + blog talk radio = ?

a few of you have emailed me asking when i'll go back on the radio.... the answer right now is simply "i don't know."

i was sick for a bit and had no voice, but then lately things have been so busy and out of control, i just can't seem to fit it in. i mean, i could- but i'm not sure how happy i'd be about it. i love love love radio more than i can tell you, but between work, planning the wedding, being a mom and a girlfriend, it's hard to add other things in. so until i'm mentally ready to be there and actually have a show worth having- i'm postponing it. i do love it when i'm doing it, it's just overwhelming right now. i feel really cramped for ANYTHING as it is. i can't even read blogs on a regular basis. seriously. i feel like i can't do much of anything outside of working and breathing (i even have to schedule the breathing part in). i guess the main thing is, the blog talk radio is really fun and i really enjoy it, but i don't want to feel like i "have" to do it. it's not like i get paid for it. it's purely a hobby, so i don't want the pressure of feeling like it's something i'm required to do. make sense?

i guess it kind of like blogging. blog when i want. radio show when i want. will definitely let you know when i start it up again. cause y'all better be listening and calling in. ya hear?

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Becky said...

i will call next time you have one, k? but i totally understand.