Friday, December 29, 2006


good god. .you hear me?!?! GOOD.GOD.

i have never cried so hard and so often in a movie, as i did in this one. and honestly, it wasn't even that great of a movie. but dammit. i was, and still am, bawling. i cannot stop crying. it was just so sad.

my only complaint about this movie was that we didn't get to know really anything about the people who died before they died. the movie starts off with the end of the game before they board the plane that crashes. we get about 5 minutes of the team and coaches before we lose them all forever. boyfriend insists that i enjoy torturing myself and he doesn't understand how i could want to be more involved in a story that is already as heartwrenching as it is. but i guess the way i see it is- this movie was made because of this huge loss. and while it is about moving on after an incredible tragedy.... and how not only individuals must move past this, but a whole entire town.... i guess i just want to know WHO they're moving on from. i want to be more emotionally involved. i want to care about the people who died. and i can't care about them when i'm not given anything at all to know about them. and i think that sucks. i want to know the girl and her fiance's relationship before he dies. i want to know what kind of coach the coach was. i want to know and like these boys before they are killed.

maybe boyfriend's right? no, he's not. it's not that i enjoy torturing myself. it's just that i enjoy learning all about someone when i'm supposed to care that they're gone. know what i mean? you want me to care that this town lost 75 people? show me 75 people to care about. teach me about them. let me love them too. and then yeah...... i'll be crying even harder. but dammit, i might feel better too. i know that doesn't make any sense, but it does in my head.


Kim said...

It looks like such a good movie from the trailer. Although definitely gutwrenching.

So are you giving it a thumbs up or down, Siskel?

And have you taken Blake to see Night at the Museum, yet? SO cute!

theresa said...

I saw it too and cried. It was so sad and I wish I would have known more about the 72 too.

It really wasn't a great movie, but I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I better not go see it then. I took Dawson to Charlotte's web and bawled. The movie theather people will think I can't control my emotions! :)

texas math said...

I think Allie wanted to go see this movie...she's a huge fan of Matt McConaughey, but we saw Rocky instead...which is really a great freakin that I read your "review" we should check this one out too

RWA said...

Do you know how long the movie would be if they told you about every person who died on the plane?

I can see what you mean, though.

Marshall is in the same conference that the school where I work is in. It was interesting talking to their folks about what all went in to making the movie, etc.

alison said...

Check out Barnes and Noble, hon. I'm sure there are books written about it and you could bawl to your heart's content. It is a sad, tragic story and I want to see the movie too. On a lighter note, was Matthew McConaughey still hot in his tacky 70s gear? :)

texas math said...

PS read my blog and comment already

jennster said...

kim- it can wait until video.. i don't think it's a big screen must see. know what i mean? plus, you might be more comfortable bawling your fucking eyes out in the comfort of your own home. and YES, blake and i saw night at the museum the other day. it was so cute.. but honestly? i kind of wish someone else was the lead character- i don't think i like ben stiller too much.

theresa- see, you're with me!

dana- i bet everyone leaving that movie is crying, so they'd understand. lol

tony- take allie NOW. it's good. go see it. fucking rocky. COMPROMISE shit head.

rwa- they could have started off with them at school.. showing them in the dorms, being friends, some of their relationships.. i'm not talking an hours worth of knowing them- but more than 5 minutes.

ali- the 70's gear andt he sideways mouth talk was kind of distracting. lol

alison said...

He can talk out of the side of his mouth all he wants. I'll gladly take the distraction. :) Yummy!!

Catherine said...

Ever since Dazed and Confused, I've loved me some Matthew McConaughey. Glad to know this one didn't totally suck.

BTW, you guys look GREAT in your winter gear. And I hope you're feeling better. I've been missing so much these last few months!

Happy new year to you and the family, Jennster!!

RWA said...

Yeah, I guess that would have been possible. Showing some of them even just before it happened.

Meg said...

Okay I read the first paragraph and then I quit, simply because I haven't seen it yet and I didn't know if you gave anything away! I can't wait to go see it, but I'm sure that I will be bawling, too!

Petite Mom Blogger said...

I liked We Are Marshalls but it wasn't as good as it has made out to be. But I dont feel right saying anything bad about the movie since it's a true story and so many lives were lost. I always cry when watching football movies.????
I will, however, suggest watching in invincible. That will surely make you cry even more.