Wednesday, December 06, 2006

things i've learned about blog talk radio

it's super fun and i really like it.. but i need to start the show about an hour later. that means i need to do the show at 8pm PST. i realize that makes it late for some of you east coasters, but it's either your sleep time, or my sanity. i win!

i get home from work close to 7 and it's just too much to literally walk in the door, say hi to my boys and then run upstairs and start my show. boyfriend understands, but blake doesn't. and it's not fair to him. it's not fair to either of them. so no more 7pm starts. i can't handle it.

i'm also going to rethink how often i do the shows, but for now- i'll keep them weekly. i'll see how changing the time i start feels. we'll roll with it.

i had lots more to say, but now i can't remember! tonight's show was really fun though! izzy did great, per usual. (thank you izzy) and everyone who live commented in the thread below- THANK YOU! even if you can't call in, the comments are fun and crack me up!

you can listen to the show here- and any of the past ones as well!


jennster said...

it's working, but it's playin last weeks show... but that's only because this week's show isn't on the archives yet! as soon as it's up, it will play! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Sure, sure...think only about yourself and not your listeners in the Central and Eastern time zones!!!!

Just kidding.

Go ahead and move to 8 p.m. PST. Boyfriend and I will have our show at 7 to fill that space.

Now if I can just figure out the magic number of comments you can make before blogger shuts me down each week...


Becky said...

aw man i wont be able to call if you do it an hour later! thats 10 here. too late for me :( but i'll always listen later!

dana said...

This is so fun! You sound awesome!

Love the new Christmas layout, too!