Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i need your help blogland!

invitations. the wedding ones. i'm struggling here. don't you think that a quote of $6oo dollars for 100 invitations is a little steep? cause i sure do. here is my question:

to pay someone that money, i'll have total say over how the invitations are designed. the color scheme, the monogram, all of it. total control. AND, they'll look freaking amazing. but does it really matter how amazing they look, when all they do is end up in people's trash cans?

my problem is that i look at things and think "i can do that." and i can. i mean, i know i could design my own monogram.. incorporate it into the tent cards, the table numbers, etc. i could do all of that. but at what expense? it would be financially cheaper, but that's a hell of a lot of work and a hell of a lot of time. and i don't know if i want to do all of that. not to mention the fact that while i could do all of those things, a professional graphic designer could do them better.

did you make anything yourself when it came to your wedding? are you totally sick and tired of hearing about this crap already?!?!


Sarah's Mama said...

We went to a store and bought the invitations, picked the font and what we wanted it to say and made them ourselves in a few hours. They weren't laced in gold or anything but they only cost about $150 to make. We got a ton of compliments on them.
Look, after you get done spending TONS of money on this day you will look back and wonder what the heck you spent $600 on invitations for.
To tell you the truth, after everything was said and done,(we had a gorgeous day..married on the chesapeake bay)we wished we had gone cheaper all the way around and put the extra money into a house.
Take the extra money saved from doing something cheaper and do something fun with all 3 of you.
Good Luck!

jennster said...

i think 600 is way too much! and while i want every detail, that only i'll remember to be totally us and fun and perfect... i don't want to spend billions of dollars achieving it. you know?!?!
i'm trying to design and do things myself to cut down on cost. but at what expense? my sanity?!?! i've already lost half of that. bwahahahhaa

Melissa said...

Ok, well I let my step-mom do mine....and it's the only thing I let her do. It you really want to do it, do it. But STer, one day there will come a moment where you will be completly nuts with all things wedding and then you'll wish you;d paid a few people to do a few things. Just sayin. ;)

mayberry said...

That does seem like a lot of cashola for something that sadly... most people will end up throwing away (ouch).

That said, I did pay to have my invitations addressed by a calligrapher because I wanted them to look nice that way. And as a general Rule of Life, I am always in favor of paying people to do things that take too much of my time!

I made the programs for my wedding which took basically one evening (copying/assembling, not writing) and I was pleased with the results.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I've never been married, but I have been to 1,0000s of weddings. I have never cared one little bit what the invitation looked like. I was usually just happy to get invited. I can also understand not wanting to take on another task. Do the invitations have to have a lot of stuff on them? Can you order them for less money? Try not to dwell on the minutae -- you will make yourself nuts.


Anonymous said...

For $600 I'll ride my bike around and tell everyone to come.

DDM said...

Not sick of hearing about it!

We bought the paper for our invitations (5x5 cardstock, single sheet, with an iridescent border) and envelopes at Paper Zone and printed them off on my mom's computer. $50 plus the cost of stamps. Aside from the pain of slowly watching her printer spit out all 300 invites, it was painless. They were simple. They did the job of explaining The Who, The What, The Where.

I did my bridesmaids bouquets and my groomsmen bouttenieres. They were silk and it took me about a year because I had no experience and just worked on them while watching TV. Turned out great! They were a fraction of the cost of a florist. I put together ivy swags to decorate the candelabra too, with a bow on each. Again, silk, cheap, looked good. I worked full time, but was kidless, so I had time in the evenings and on weekends to work on the various projects. We wanted to save as much money as we could because we were paying for all of it ourselves. We did pretty well with the budget by doing so much ourselves. The downside? By the wedding day, I was SO. FUCKING. SICK. Of wedding anything. My friend pinned me down in the hair salon and force fed me a beer to get me to chill the hell out. That worked too.

DDM said...

OH! I did my own programs too. White paper, black print, easy squeezey.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Hi Ster, I lucked out in that my best friend/college roommate is a graphic designer and she made us the invitations as her wedding present. My sister in law made our wedding cake. We burned CDs as our wedding favor.. but we only had 30 people so it wasn't a huge amount of work. I made the centerpieces, but again, only three tables.... I think the scale of the event totally dictates what is possible. Don't take on more stress than you need to... Do what you would ENJOY doing and find meaningful, the rest...farm out....


alison said...

I don't remember how much my invitations cost, but $600 seems a little steep. If you really want to, go ahead and do them yourself, but it might be a lot easier (and one less thing to worry about) if you have a professional take care of them. Look around though, because you can find nice ones for under $600.

And...table numbers?? What the heck is going on??

Anonymous said...

we made our own in photoshop. You can see a similar one on my blog (our christmas card is close to what we did for our wedding, but more weddingy obviously! lOL!).
We then sent it to a printing company (now I would use costco) and its like 20 cents a print or less. Bought the envelopes from staples.
Yeah. I am cheap. People loved the invites though.

Mieke said...

I just helped my sister make her invitations last year. She bought the cards at Target and they were really pretty. We tied a bow on the top and printed them out on the computer. I think it was around $200 total for 200 invites. It also took a while to do this, so sometimes it's better to order them. Look at some of the invite companies online, I think they are maybe more reasonable?? Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

$600? Wow. That does sound like a lot.

Surely you can find someone to do it for less than that. It can't be that difficult, can it?

Just take a picture of you and Boyfriend on the tailgate of the truck (dead pig optional), put some catchy phrase on it, and send that out.

Now, that would be original.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if money is an issue...but, gosh, think of the other things you could do with that $600... Something for you and your man, a little something extra on your honeymoon, something that will benefit the two of you in honor of your day. Your guests won't care if their invitations are scratched on a napkin - they'll just be glad to be invited... Spend the money on you!!!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

We did our own too. All you need is a good printer I stole ideas from the internet about the wording and poof we had perfect invitations. Its true about a waste of money, really, how many invitations from weddings you have gone to have you kept? DO it cheep it all means the same RIGHT

Suebob said...

Does the $600 include printing? As a former printing salesperson (yes, yes, I have done it all) that isn't really that bad. The expensive part is all those freaking matching envelopes - the outer, the inner, the return - and the printing of them (small envelopes are a huge pain in the ass to print) and since envelopes only come in boxes of 250, if you pick an unusual color, your printer ends up eating the excess. Unless they charge you like $6 each. LOL.

But my practical side says do it yourself. Unless they are truly horrible, with rainbow colored unicorns or something, no one will really care, will they?

Anonymous said...

My mom, sister, and I made her wedding favors when my sis got married. They were super cute. Little roses and something else that I don't have the foggiest about.

MelissaMM said...

jenn, you can totally do it but it's going to take time, no doubt.

When Chantelle got married, she & I spent hours running around getting the supplies, configuring the text and font, hole punching and ribbon tying. In the end it was so totally worth it. People complimented and said they were total keepsakes.

I'll totally come up and help you out with getting it all together. Tell me when. It's work but you're only going to have this one time so do it up, Girl!

Emily said...

Invitations are SUPER expensive. To save money, I had my invitations printed at a plain ol' stationary store on cute stationary which was WAY cheaper than ordering "real" invitations. It saved hundreds of dollars and they were still everything I wanted them to be.

We had hand-held paper fans printed as well that we glued to popsicle sticks and tied ribbon around. It was an outside wedding, and people used them for shade and to cool off.

We made all of the decorations that lined the aisle with three bolts of tulle and artificial flowers that looked so real, they might as well have been.

We decorated the arbor ourselves in the same way that we decorated the aisle.

We did all of the centerpieces ourselves.

If you need ideas / help, e-mail me. I'll never remember to look back here for comments! lol

Lisa said...

Yeah $600 is FAR too much. Do something simple. I'm sure you could turn it into something very elegant.

Ask other family members and bridesmaids, moms and mil to help out... That's what they are there for. I'm sure they LOVE you and would LOVE to help make the day very special for you and the honey.

carrie said...

If you don't want complicated invitaitons, I think you can do them yourself, trust me. You don't need to be particularly "crafty" either. You can get all the details printed up at a Kinko's or Staples on some really beautiful paper to your liking, and vellum looks great too if you keep it simple. Affix a ribbon on the top and layer it on another piece of cardstock in your color. Viola!

I think $600 is a lot! I do have to say though, if they were as cute as the Jones Soda invites we received a few years ago, I might just fork it out though!!! Good luck and hang in there!