Sunday, December 17, 2006

i donated

did you?

ps- i have to put the stupid word (that is so NEVER a word) verification up for now because i am overloaded with stupid, fucking spammers.


JavaJabber said...

shhhhhh ... don't tell anyone yet but it's been 4 months since I started my blog and I've not received any posting spam.

TONS of other spam, thousands in fact, but Askimet has caught it every time.

Have a great evening.

Melissa said...

I did. And it's okay about the letters. Spam sucks. Besides when else do I get to pretend xemmvvp is a word?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I did not. Don't hate me for it. I fully intended to. I would love for izzy to come up with something besides the dreaded basic back Blogger template for me.

But I didn't. And I do regret it.

Honestly I do.

jennster said...

don't feel bad. i hate forcing anything donation related down anyone's throat. and i don't think you HAVE to donate at all! just wanted to shove it in your face that i did. lol

Anonymous said...

Try Haloscan, Jennster. It's free, I never get any spam, and no word verification. I wish everyone would use it--I HATE the word verification!
ANd I missed the whole donation thing because I havent' been on the computer in DAYS--trying to dig out from my "getting ready for the holidays" hole!

jen said...

i deleted over 200 spam comments in my blog over the last 2 days. i haven't checked it today yet.

Her Bad Mother said...


and, butt grab.