Thursday, December 21, 2006

don't have much to say

except that i still feel icky. and those damn 3 climbers in the oregon mountains have made me very, very sad.

why do people have to go and die around christmas? it makes me feel so bad because now, for those families, christmas will never be the same again. no longer will christmas be filled with good thoughts and love and all things positive and happy. it will be forever intertwined with the trip the dad's never came back from. makes me sad. so, so, sad.



Becky said...

it is so so terrible. i can't even imagine. matt got home this morning to tell me that a woman lost her husband last nite at work. i'll spare you the details but it made me think that forever christmas will be the time her husband died and not a beautiful time that it used to be. its so sad.

i hope you feel better soon.

Eileen said...

Totally. And that James Kim guy who died in Oregon recently looking for help for his stranded family just crushed me. It hasn't been good news on that front lately.

Melissa said...

That is so sad. But Ster, my question is why would people go and do that this time of year anyway? I don't feel that it's their fault or the Kim's for driving on a mountain off the beaten path road in's not at all and it's so sad...but I wouldn't put myself in ahrms way like that, it's just not smart, especially not in Winter. So I just wonder why someone would.

Mommy off the Record said...

It is so sad. Really, really sad. I had really hoped the other two would be found. And, um, I'm never going mountain climibing. Ever.

(But jeez, why did you have to post on such a sad topic because now I feel totally unfeeling and rude because I really want to tell you that I just noticed your new tag line and it's making me LMAO every time I read it.

But that wouldn't be very respectful or appropriate given the nature of this post so I won't comment on your tag line.)

I will just say that I hope you feel better soon.

alison said...

Yep, a similar tragedy here with one of Chris' coworkers. Her husband pulled over on the side of the freeway with car trouble and someone veered over onto the shoulder and killed him. Two young boys. No husband. No father. It sucks big time and makes you think how lucky we all are to have our family near and to realize how quickly things can change. Give your little guy extra hugs and kisses.

RWA said...

That is sad - especially at this time of the year.

I hope you feel better soon, though.

SarahsMama said...

It is horrible. My husbands cousin was killed in an avalanche in Jackson Hole a few years back on Dec 10. It was horrible and every year at Christmas it is so hard to not have him here. He was only 29.

I'm hoping you feel better soon.

Christina_the_wench said...

Get better, Jenn. Merry Christmas!

spidey said...

I know from my experience (my sister and nephew getting killed in a crash on Christmas) that it definitely changes Christmas forever, but it doesn't mean you stop enjoying it. For my family, the first year was super rough, but now 6 years later it is so much better. We take the time to remember them for sure--lighting candles, talking about them etc. So there is some sadness, but we all still love Christmas time.