Saturday, November 04, 2006

football is finally over.. thank god

today is our last game of pop warner football for the season (and quite possibly forever). blake isn't sure he wants to play next year or not. bottom line, he loathes the running. apparently they run these nasty hills at practice and blake can't stand it. take the hills out, and he'd be fine with football, 100%. me however? i'm not so sure.

they weren't lying when they said that football was a commitment. i remember rolling my eyes and wondering just how much more of a commitment than any other sport can it be? but it truly is. if you enjoyed having august be a summer month, you won't anymore. because no longer is august a month of no school and family vacations- august belongs to football. 5 to 6 days a week. and once school starts, football still rules your life 4 days a week. it really is a lot and the pressure to get the kids to practice on time (which means 30 minutes early) is mentally draining. i feel a burdon lift off my shoulders now that the season is over (or at least i will at around 5pm today). i'm sure boyfriend does too since he's the one who has to haul ass out of work each day to get him to practice.

the thing that has been the most frustrating with football is how disorganized they are. it's unbelievable. and for a pyscho detail oriented virgo like myself, it makes me absolutely crazy. something inside me wants to take over and fix whatever the hell is wrong with this organization. the game days have constantly switched. the time of the game has changed. the locations have changed all the way up until the morning of the game. one time, the location changed back and forth 4 times. FOUR TIMES! and there is never an explanation. never any reasoning for what the hell the freaking problem is. i don't know about you, but i like reasons. it helps me understand just what the heck is going on. it can help me place blame where it is justly due, instead of automatically thinking that this football league is ridiculously chaotic.

even on the field, our team is out of control. we have about a thousand coaches and apparently they don't communicate with eachother. i can't even tell you how many times one coach has sent blake hauling ass onto the field to a position, only to have another coach yell at him to turn around and come back off the field. i honestly wish i could tell you this has only happened to him a handful of times. but i can't. because the truth is it happens to blake numerous times each and every game. but you know what? blake has never once complained to me about it. never seems frustrated when it happens. he just comes off the field and pays attention to the game, while i sit in the stands and curse under my breath.

the last straw for me was this week when i got an email (the same email...3 times... per usual.. someone kill me) saying how the jersey's we ordered for the kids got messed up so the kids weren't getting them. something about an error with the silkscreener. um, can't you start over? fix the error? DO SOMETHING? i mean, why isn't this something that can be fixed? instead i get an email saying there was a screw up and we'll all get our money back. how lame is that? but in my mind, it's just another one of the many screw ups of football.

don't get me wrong- football hasn't been all bad. and i don't sit around all day hating on it. because it has been really fun. i love that blake is playing another sport besides baseball. it's super fun to watch him play. and the football parents are unlike any other sport parents i've known. it's a crazy little community. a crazy little disorganized community. but it really is fun. i love the games, i love watching blake at practice- and well, there's always coach jason. i luff me some coach jason. he cracks me up when he gets all angry on the field and tries to yell at the boys. i just wanna laugh and hug him.*waves to boyfriend*

and football couldn't be more different from baseball, which is what i'm used too. speaking of, that battle is next on the list. but more on that later.


Lisa said...

We finished up soccer today.

You should have so been running that league! You would have whipped that organization into shape! (And people would have had a blast too!)

alison said...

Even if he doesn't want to play again, at least he tried it. It's probably unorganized and there are a thousand coaches because all of the dads are trying to help out, but they're all busy too, and no one is communicating. So, it's a big clusterfuck come game day. I don't know, but even pro football games seem that way to me.

alison said...

One more thing, from a mom's perspective---baseball is better for the young boys. There are no girls scantily dressed jumping up and down on the sidelines to distract them.

Dana said...

My brother is 15 years old and he's on the football team this year. My parents haul him around and go to all the games, and while they really do love it, I think it does wear them out a bit, too.

I hope that things get better if your son decides to keep playing, that's a lot of unnecessary pressure for him and for you to go through all that chaos!

Anonymous said...

Jeez Louise, that makes me glad neither of my girls are "sportsy."
You are a better person than me, Jenn.... I would have been throwing a flying screaming hissy fit the first or second time they yanked my schedule around. "It's in THIS field! No, THIS one! No, wait, it's HERE! No, uh, HERE!" ::flying screaming hissy fit::

Melissa said...

Has he tried soccer? It isn't such a big deal and they tend to be super organized.

My brothers did ice hockey which is super expensive, but also takes up all of your time, especially if they are good. I spent my childhood in an ice rink.

It's good that he tried football though. Get's it out of his systme while he is still young and it's less contact.

Anonymous said...

Football's not so bad. He would probably have enjoyed a more organized league (administrators and coaches).

Maybe you should volunteer to run things next year?

Just kidding.

jennster said...

rwa- if blake plays next year i already told them i am being team mom. and things will be tip fucking top. lol

Yorksdevil said...

I'm with Melissa on this one, get him to play proper football, you know the one where you actually use your foot to control the ball.

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Virginia Belle said...

ugh. you are a patient woman. something that disorganized would have driven me INSANE and i would either

A) take over and run it my damn self
B) asked for my money back
C) removed my kid from the team


D) grabbed a football and bashed someone's nose in with it, and then done the happy dance as the ambulance carried them away.

or possibly

E) all of the above.