Thursday, November 16, 2006

blog chat radio

i've had an account for about a month and figured that i just didn't really have the time to do this consistantly (like i wanted too). thus, i've been waiting... you know, until i do have the time... which really means, if i keep waiting, i'll never have the time, and it will never happen!

i don't want to wait anymore- because kristin's radio show was SO MUCH FUN! so i am ready!!!!! we'll start with this show and who knows where it will go from there, but i'm ready!!! are you ready?!??!?!

i swear to the goddess people.. IF YOU DO NOT CALL ME AND TALK TO ME, I WILL CRY!!! and no, i'm not having a topic. it's all about open discussion.. open chat.. open blog love. first time talking to eachother and hearing eachother's voices.. laughing.. dishing the dirt, etc. let's bring it!

so when should i do this? tonight (thursday)? hell yeah... let's go for tonight! but wait, tonight is grey's anatomy. hmmm.. if it's my 7:30pm (pacific standard time) it's a lot of your 10:30pm and grey's is over by then. and the kids are sleeping and the husband's are trying to sleep. that's right. who's with me???

Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

ps-How do I listen to a show?
Your computer must have the Windows Media Player. You can download the latest version at the Windows Media Download Site. There is a version of Windows Media Player for Mac users as well.


Yorksdevil said...

That blogradio site seems to even convert the time to local (3.30am tomorrow). Even if I had the internet at home, I plan to be asleep then. I might have to download the show afterwards to hear how it went.

Yorksdevil said...

Oh, "Good Luck" and Media Player 10 is worse than #9 was (I actually liked #9). Every time I use it I regret making the change.

K said...

god you are such a fucking copy cat! :)

I'll be listening you freak.

Becky said...

well tonite is date nite so i will be preoccupied so i wont be able to call BUT i talk to you on the phone anyway so its ok!:) sorry woman!

Dana said...

I'm going to try! Try!!! To listen and call! Because it will be fun! And yes, the time is good. But wait, you're Pacific, I'm central, so that's 9:30, right?


I'm ready!

This is the most disorganized comment I've ever left for someone! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, your own blog radio show.

I am jealous. I will have to check it out - if I can convert the time (I think it is 9:30 my time too).

Izzy said...

How long are you going to be on? 7:30 is the witching hour around here with baths and bedtime etc.

But I miss you and I want to talk to you!

(like I couldn't just call you on the phone...smacks head!!!)

For Mac OSX users, people need to download this player to listen live if they are getting an "Invalid File" error with their Windows Media Player

You can get it here:

It's easy to set up and solves that issue so you can play .asx files and hear live streams from all Blog Talk Radio shows.

jennster said...

izzy- 7:30 ster time is 10:30 izzy time! yes??

\so call- OR I WILL CRY!

Jenn said...

10:30 eh? Well, ususally I'm just about falling asleep at that time. (I know - I'm a looser. It's all Mike's fault!) But I'm gonna try and talk Mike into both of us calling in and bothering you! LOL

jennster said...

JENN! yes, call! i can't wait! it will be so fun!

Mike said...

You REALLY don't want me calling in. I will harrase you to no end!!

jennster said...

i can hang up on you! bwahahahhaa

Izzy said...

Duh! You're in California. Am brain dead. Stuck at home with sick children and bad TV all day.

Okay, much better :)

Beth said...

i'll try to listen!! too fun!

Mieke said...

This sounds fun...I will try to figure out how to do the whole blogradio thing (I am so not technical with these things). So maybe I will be talking to you! :)

mothergoosemouse said...

Dude - I have to miss you tonight because I'm caring for both girls and Kyle, who had his wisdom teeth out this morning. This day's been bloody hell - pun intended.

NEXT TIME. I swear.

Kristin said...

I missed it! Do it again!

Virginia Belle said...


can't believe i missed this.

the suckage is incomprehensible.

shit shit shit.

when are you doing it again?