Sunday, July 02, 2006

i've been bad

i haven't mentioned my new renter even ONE time since they started renting from me. spank me someone. and then after you beat me, go visit them. i chose someone completely different this time. they aren't a mom blog! *gasp* they are an ebay site, and i thought it was pretty cool and well, there was something really cute on the blog page when i first visited, so that was it! cute ebay shit! go visit! and thank you!

i also haven't mentioned the new ad that is floating around on my site for "wedding" jewelry. but in all honesty, i think it's kind of everyday, handmade, super cute jewelry. so check them out too- because you might find something you totally like! :)

i'm in the midst of surfing a ridiculous amount of wedding websites. this alone gives me a headache the size of mt. rushmore. trying to find a hair person. a makeup person. who the hell is going to do the small amount of flowers i'm going to get.. and the cake.. and and and.. all of this is seriously ridiculous. how did ANY of you plan a freaking wedding?! i swear, it's no wonder we women go completely insane and then get a bad rap. do you realize the amount of shit we do and plan and put together on a daily basis?!?!?!! good god, we should get medals for breathing! please don't get me started on the crazy ass wedding dreams i've been having lately. let's just say it's obvious my greatest wedding fear is that the wedding will be as in, people actually leave in the middle of it because it sucks so badly. good god, could you imagine? this had better not happen because we plan on partying it up all night- even after the reception is over.. hanging with our friends till the break of dawn baby! oh yeah!

speaking of partying until the break of dawn, i'd like to let all my fellow blog her attendee's know that i just called the hyatt and will be arriving on friday night now instead of saturday. who's ready for some jennster?! y'all better wait for my ass to arrive before you do anything crazy! WOO HOO! can't wait!


Kristin said...

2 words: wedding cordinator.

but, you know, my parents were in the middle of a divorce and my mom was off being "single" so i needed someone i could count on... even if i did have to cut her a big ass check for her loyalty!!

carrie said...

Wedding planning sucks any way you look at it. But, it is worth it - if the food/beverage/entertainment is good, it will be a good party!! Don't worry, I am sure your wedding will be rockin'. Hang in there!


Becky said...

blogher will be so much fun! take tons of pics there!

and you know your wedding WILL be fun. you have too much of us fun girls there and YOURE so could it NOT be fun?!?!?!

Mike said...

Here's my suggestion for the wedding..........six people on a beach.

BTW..........where is the line forming to spank you?

Kristin said...

ooops... "coOrdinator".

Stephanie A. said...

Gawd I hated planning my wedding. BUT our reception was the biggest party EVER! People still talk about how much fun it was. The key to the fun was OPEN BAR and GOOD MUSIC. My DJ had been married to my aunt ages ago, so I could basically tell him exactly what to play and he did it because he knew that he'd have to answer to his ex-inlaws if he didn't! Yeah, my choosing of all the songs was anal and I'm sure he thought I was nuts, but EVERYONE danced including my grandparents. I know what gets people in their grooves, I guess.

So, just remember, if fun is your goal, the only things that matter are the drinks and the tunes.

spidey said...

There is no way your wedding could NOT be fun! Get that thought out of your head, woman!

Yes, wedding planning totally sucks, but you will survive it. :)

Mel said...

Jennster's wedding, not fun? I'd believe flying rainbow-colored unicorns descending from Mars before I could believe that.
It will rock, because love will be there, woman.

Melissa said...

Girl, you have a party and there is adult beverages, and I promise your ass, no one will leave. It will be fun. No worries on that.

If you can swing it, get a wedding planner. It will make life much easier. If not, do one thing at a time. And um....have an open bar.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

As long as you make your event reflect your personalities, there is no way it could not be fun.

My husband and I got married in our apartment with 30 people and a Rabbi for hire. We had NO Dancing (We suck at dancing and hate it.) We schmoozed, ate food, drank champagne, made toasts. etc.

Then we all went out to an awesome restaurant. My sister in law made our wedding cake, a dark chocolate cake chocolate frosting. Screw that white icing noise! I got my wedding dress from Llord and Taylor in the prom dress department. But it looked AWESOME. As wedding favors, we gave out CDs that my husband burned on our computer with songs we liked and reflected us as a couple. It was so kick-ass, and personal.

I guess my point is, put your own touches into it, don't let conventions dictate anything you don't want to have at your wedding.

You have such a fun personality, I can't see how it could not be fun.


melissa said...

Did read the word, "spank me"?

Nikki said...

Breath girl breath.

Stressfull now - but it'll be okay.

I did the JOP thing.

Kevin Charnas said...

I think that you should surprise boyfriend and shave your head for the wedding. Hair person - down.

Wear a mask. Make-up person - down.

Serve twinkies. Cake person - down.

See how easy that was? jjeeez.

Lisa said...

I so wish I was going to Blogher! I tried to sign up and it was too late! Gah.

Superstar said...

Never been married. ;o(

Speaking as the bridesmaid and NEVER the bride...David's Bridal has a "binder" how to and how to keep yourself on track. I found it very helpful to keep me "brides" from becoming Bridzillas!!! LOL ;o)

Then again, you could just elope and have a BIG party later.

Tara said...

Wedding planning is totally crazy and stressful, but you'll get through it. I know your wedding will be tons of fun, you definately don't have to worry about that.

Anonymous said...

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