Monday, July 24, 2006


i know, everyone not going to blogher is tired of reading posts about blogher. hell, i'm going and i'm tired of reading blogher posts (not really).
i am excited to go. no really, i am. i'm excited to sleep in a hotel for the weekend and have a pool to swim in and a hot tub to lounge in at night. oh yeah, and meet all you crazy bitches too. ha!

i am wearing jeans and tank tops. or jeans and cute tops. that's how i dress everyday and that's how i'm dressing for y'all (unless it's a billion degrees out like it has been lately, then i'm bringing a pair of shorts and a skirt). i'm sorry, but i'm not trying to sleep with any of you, so i'm not getting all dolled up! ha! i just like to be comfortable, so i'm wearing what i'm comfy in. and so should you. i can't believe how many "i don't know what to wear!!!!!!" posts i've seen. my advice-

like mom101 said in her post here, and i said previously in my post here- i am totally freaked that i won't know who anyone is without a screenshot of their blog attached to their forehead. honestly- i do not know you by your name. i don't. i know you by your blog name. and if i don't know you by that, i know you by your banner and what your blog looks like. that's the price you pay for having such kick ass designs on your blog people. but most likely, i know you by the name of your blog.
to avoid confusion such as this-
"hey ster, it's me, amy!"
(i sit there wracking my fucking brain at who the hell amy is.. or which amy she is.. )
"you know, POW" ..
"well hell, why didn't you just SAY that in the first place?!?!?"
just introduce yourself to me as your blog. it will be so much easier!!
ps- y'all have no excuse for not knowing me- jennster and jennster's blog can't be that hard. and yes, you can call me jennster (or ster) in person.. i'm used to it and i love it!

in all honesty, i'm worried that people won't be fun. i realize that sounds completely insane, but welcome to my brain. i am worried that while i read a lot of your blogs, we just won't really have anything in common. i don't feel like i fit in the typical mommy stereotype and i definitely don't act my age. what if you're nothing like your blog? what if you're exactly like it? i won't pretend that i like everyone's blog, because i don't. there are quite a few "popular" blogs that i don't read because they either don't interest me, i have nothing in common with them, can't relate, or any other number of reasons. (and i totally get that this applies to my blog as well). basically, i'm afraid that i'll be around a bunch of women i would never be friends with in real life. i realize that sounds terrible, but it's true. i just want people to be fun. so if you're not really fun, then stop pretending and lying to me on your blog! false advertiser face! lol (i do half realize that these "fears" will be completely unfounded and i'll feel like a total ass upon my return from blogher when i'm posting about how great and fun it was and how awesome and kick ass everyone was.... and how i was so stupid for even thinking these things in this here post.)

i'm also worried that people are going to be weird. like all up the popular bloggers' asses. and i can't stand stuff like that. so i hope everyone will be normal, and not all butt kissy and annoying. know what i mean though? maybe it's just me, but the thought of certain bloggers doling out autograph after autograph weirds me out. like what's the point of having a blogger's autograph? seriously? now pictures of y'all being drunk together and getting freaky on the dance floor, i totally get- but autographs? um, no. i'm not as excited as some of you are to see certain bloggers because i don't read their blogs, so i don't really "know" anything about them. but if they're cool and fun people in real life, and we bond- well that changes everything!! because then you're reading their blog because you like them already as a person.. and "knowing" them makes the reading that much more fun!

i'm straying. i'm rambling. i'll shaddup.
but please- 1. don't be weird 2. please be fun 3. and wear your blog on your shirt.

the end.

anyway (no s, for pickle)- if anyone is dying to see and meet me and wants my cell to ensure this will happen the very moment i arrive on friday night.. email me. :)


Lisa said...

I am SO envious ya'll are going. But I hope you guys have fun and come back with lots of pics and fun stories....

Mommy off the Record said...

What the hell? Does this mean you're not giving out autographs? Damn.

Well, I'll just settle for getting a pic with you. But it has to be a pic of you putting your leg up on me and striking a sexy pose. You know, like I've seen you do in all those pictures you post of yourself with your friends?

Really, that's all I really want out of my trip to BlogHer--a picture of you humping my hip. Whaddyasay?

Mommy off the Record said...

P.S. I'm totally not the cool, sophisticated, beautiful, funny, sexy, ultra-hip mom that I portray on my blog. So don't go getting your hopes up.

tAnYeTTa said...

just watch the video on my page and you'll feel better. LOL

Meg said...

So jealous. But I was thinking the same things. If I went, I would know NOBODY unless they announced their blog names! Everyone should seriously wear a shirt that looks like their template, to avoid major confusion.

If I was there I would so kick it with you and not the "popular" bitches. Because all they really are are chicks with good grammar that don't really know how to party. I'm already saving up for next year, so you and all the other fun whores need to plan on returning next summer!

alison said...

You will be fine, Hooch. All of your readers will adore hanging out with you because you ARE fun and you ARE just like you are on your blog. Now go have fun and stop worrying!

Kelly said...

Okay... so you're saying you won't know who I am????
Does that mean that I HAVE to come up to you???
I don't know if I can be that much of an extrovert..........

melissa b. said...

I wish I could go! I would totally recognize you from your cutie smile and great hair.

Can I ask for loads of pictures when you return? Pretty please?

I hope you have a blast. You will be the life of the party and I wish you all the best!

Melissa said...

You are so a popular blogger. At least in my world. And my world is the one that counts. But I'm not going to be there. If I was, I'd wear jeans too. And Amy/POW rocks and you should totally meet her. And um...Mom-101/Liz and Kristen/Motherhood Unscensored and Lena from Cheeky lotus. And take pictures....I ma living vicariously through you. SO you better get some good ones or I will come (on a different weekend) and kick your ass. :)

I am seriously cracking up...although it may be becasue of the Tylenol PM. But I have been trying so hard to not say anyways for Pickle too. I don't want her to hate me.

Christina_the_wench said...

I'll be the one back in Michigan NOT going to this fun event. *cries* Bitch.

I want an autograph though. Can I have one too? Please? Please?

Mike said...

I hate to tell you Jennster, but when you consistantly have 30+ commenst on your posts, you're kinda popular!! GET OVER IT!! And if I was there, you may not be trying to sleep with me, but you want to!! Just ask my wife!

*Oh I'm just a gigolo, and every where I go......"

Jenn said...

*smacks husband (above) upside his head*

It's Blog HER!!! You wouldn't be there....DORK! And...if anyone would be would be ME!!! I WANNA GO!!! MEEEEEEEEEEE!!

But he is right on one are kinda popular hun. I've never gotten above 20 comments I don't think. And If I did, it was cause of spam! LOL

Elizabeth said...

Well, you might not think you have anything in common with me, an almost-40 housewife with 3 kids, but let me tell you what-after a few drinks, I am going to be the FUNNEST BITCH AT THE PARTY. I'm just sayin'.

I have two pink "I Might Like You Better if we Blogged Together" shirts, would it help if I wore one on Friday night? They're just plain shirts, nothing sexy, but if it would help...Oh, and can I get in on that sexy photo of you and M.O.T.R.? Because my husband thinks I'm going to California for some kind of hot girl-on-girl action, and I wouldn't want to disappoint him.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Am so jealous. Have an awesome time.
Hope to read stories about it on your blog.


Becky said...

well number 1. i'm still mad i ALMOST went and now i'm not lol. but number 2. at least i'm going to see you the week after so i feel better. and 3. you're so funny blogging this cuz you were saying this all last week. i'm glad you blogged it. curious to see what everyone else says. i'm sure itl'l be fine though and you WILL have a great time. i can't wait to see pictures!

Stephanie A. said...

I'm so proud of you. Just remember, one S at a time, Jenn. :)

See, BlogHer scares me to death because unless it's a one-on-one scenerio, I have a tough time relaxing enough to be my ultra-fun self. Plus, I think I'm one of those people you have to get to know to love/get, so yeah... I dunno. You'd probably be disappointed in me and stop reading pickleness and go back to adding the s to your anyway and then I'd be a big, huge, fat failure.

carrie said...

I am thinking that you are going to ROCK BlogHer!! Have fun!!


Softball Slut said...

It's normal to feel anxious about going. You are going to come back though saying you had such a blast!! I envy you getting to meet all these fantastic people

mollymcmommy said...

have fun all, i'm getting jealous!!

jenn, can i have your autograph? ;) on my butt though please.


russ said...

blogher Dress Code (updated July 23, 2006)*:

1.) Jeans and tank tops are not allowed! (Cute tops are acceptable.)
2.) Jeans are not allowed unless they are jean skirts. Skirts only at blogher. Anything else is unacceptable.
3.) Men are not allowed. Kill them if you see them. Women rein supreme. Only women blog anyway.
4.) Breast pumps available in the lobby.
5.) Free facials, manicures and pedicures in the Hyatt boiler room, given by janitor Bill.

*taken directly from

Nikki said...

ster, chill out hon, you're gonna pop a blood vessel or something.

They'll love you, if they don't then they can fuck off.LOL

could you be so kind as to swim in the pool for me please? THANKS

Piece of Work said...

The clique-y thing and the butt-kissing "popular" bloggers is really scaring me too. Why the hell would anyone want an autograph?? It's just a blog!

That said, if you want mine, I'm charging $15. :) Oh, and if you'd like to kiss my ass, you can get in line!

mothergoosemouse said...

Autographs? Are you serious?

(I don't get that whole awestruck business either. I admire talent and respect achievement, but I think starfuckers - of any type - are weird.)

Lena said...

I'm rockin jeans and tees the whole time too.

And can we broadcast loudly enough that we need to introduce ourselves AS OUR BLOGS DAMMIT! I have no freaking idea who anyone is otherwise.

wendy boucher said...

Hey, Jen, I arrive Friday night too. I'll look for you. I like your attitude about it. I refuse to stress about dress for a bunch of moms. Because of all the photo ops, I might actually wear a little makeup.

See you then and there.

Lotta said...

Will it be odd to put faces to blogs? I know I have a picture of what everyone looks like in my minds eye. All hot of course!

Jodi said...

Yeah, I want lots of pics and stories too, damnit! :) Have tons of fun.

jane said...

I hope you have a wonderful time & make lots of new friends. I can't wait to read about it when you get back.

Fidget said...

all you blogher bizitches have me green with ENVY

I'm missing teh best blogger party ever! (wah wah whine whine cry sob)

thanks for bidding I actually used a randomizer to choose my renter this week . I had such a fantastic crop of applicants. Keep bidding!

Bonnie B said...

That sounds like fun. I wish i could go-- a hotel, hot tub an dno men

spidey said...

LMMFAO at you! You are always worried about things/people not being fun! I'm sure most of them will be fun--some may suck, but that's life! lol

You will have a blast--you bring fun with you wherever you go, so no worries! :)

Mom101 said...

You f'ing crack me up.

I can assure you JENNSTER that of all the people there, JENNSTER, that you, I will have no problem knowing.