Friday, June 30, 2006

can it be defined?

cheating. i brought it up in the post below and then some anon person commented and said something to the affect that i shake my rack and ass at.her.husband. i know, please stop laughing. the thought of anyone insinuating i have a "rack" or cleavage of any sorts is downright hysterical. the only time i ever had anywhere close to a rack, the damn things were full of milk! i try and try to have cleavage, but i fail hopelessly everytime. so here i sit. rackless. but apparently i'm shaking em all over the place at this person's husband.

anyway, it got me thinking. if i was shaking my non existant rack and my one hell of an ass at this person's husband- is he cheating? am i? what constitutes cheating? flirting? being friendly? being nice? doing something you wouldn't do if your significant other was standing right in front of you? what?!

maybe the person who posted this to me should visit this site. i just discovered it earlier this week and linked them in my sidebar immediately. these true wife confessions are absolutely heartbreaking. having an outlet is good. but the fact that these people can't say those things outloud is sad. but then again, could you imagine if some of those confessions were said out loud?! *shivers* anyways, it serves a purpose. so go visit. bring kleenex and keep note if your jaw is on the floor... you should probably pick it up.

and just so it's out there- i'm a very friendly and super fun girl, but i can guarantee you that i do not want your husband. i might hug him, or do something that i know is going to completely embarass him, but it's all in good fun. and i would do these things with my man standing right there, or with you standing right there. there is a difference between things being completely innocent or having underlying intentions. i can tell you right now, things with me= totally innocent and silly. pretty much everything about me is just in fun, for laughs, to have a good time, be happy, smile, act goofy, etc. i know first hand all to well what cheating does to a relationship and an entire family, and i would wish that heartbreak and emotional turmoil on no one. but that is definitely a blog for another day.


Piece of Work said...

YOu can shake your ass at my husband anytime you want, Jennster.

Becky said...

i expect you to hug and hang on matt when we get there. he'll love it lol.

to me what constitutes cheating is anything sexual. meaning like kissing, fondling, and obviously sex. but i think its different for everyone. i dont think flirting is cheating. i think it has to be an outright sexual thing. at least in our (me and matt) book it is

going to that site now!

Christina_the_wench said...

I like how they remained anonymous. Chicken shits.

Shake it, girl!

cmhl said...

my husband would fall to the floor and bow down to you if you shook your ass at him. hahah. he is an ass man..

as "a girl with a rack", I feel like sometimes people think I am tryingt o be sexy or whatever, when I'm really NOT. they're just... out there.. haha.

penguininthesun said...

Jennster is awesome and 'anonymous' is not.

Melissa said...

Jennster, you rock. I just wanted to tell you that. I am taking a leaf out of your book. I am sick to death of the rude people. Might as well start telling their asses off instead of just deleating it and feeling bad.

Lisa said...

That just cracks me up. Some women are so scared and intimidated by other women -- they view any woman within a certain age range as "competition." What's with that?

I'm one of those wives who points out good looking women with hot bods to my hubby.

I noticed once I started doing that, he stopped looking so much. I asked "why" and he said, "You not being bothered by it takes the fun out of looking." I had to laugh.

Mom101 said...

Just read that anon comment and it seems that someone thinks she's being clever or making some sort of point when there's none to be made. Hating cheating has nothing to do with how you dress or how big your cleavage is. I say, if you got it, flaunt it. If you don't got it (which you say you don't), hoist em up, puff em out, wonderbra em up, and flaunt what you can.

PS Methinks anon is upset about a philandering Mister in her past. This isn't the gal to take it out on, however.

Beth said...

Hubby of mine is quite the flirt. I think its cute. I know he is coming home to me. I think flirting is good.
So, if we ever met, I bet you and my hubby would really have fun. I flirt, but not as well.
I agree with Becky's def. of cheating. Anything sexual. I mean, friends can kiss without the sexual undertones. That and anything that is emotional. I don't think I would be happy if patrick was in a sort of 'relationship' with another woman. kwim?
I love that wife confession blog. I was horrified at some of it. i am glad I am in a healthy relationship!

Jamie said...

I wish I had a rack to shake, too. LOL Mine are a bit droopy these days after nursing two girls. Thank God for good bras. ;) My dad cheated on my mom and it was completely DEVASTATING to her and our family...that was a long, long time ago, though and they are now very cordial. But I will never forget what it did to my mom.

Shawna said...

Ya know, I think cheating can be more than sexual things like kissing, sex, etc...I think it's more devastating when it's emotional, intimate in a way you wouldn't be in front of your significant other. When I first started "cheating" it was like 10 page emails of my deepest feelings. Things I wouldn't even say to my husband and I was spilling my guts to this person. When my husband 'cheated' on me, I have no PROOF of the physical stuff. I wasn't there, and he to this day denies it, but it is what it is... I saw the letter this girl wrote him, and the feelings that he was sharing with her were not being shared with me. That was devastating to me. To know that another woman knew a part of my husband that I didn't know, and yet, I ended up doing the same thing. It was never about sex, in fact, there really wasn't that much "SEX" when I say I cheated, I formed an emotional bond with a man that I never would have wanted my husband to find out about. Funny thing is, before all of this,either he or I could go to a bar and kiss and grind on someone we were dancing with and it meant NOTHING. We didn't call that cheating, we were like oh well we're going home with each other and honest to god I never felt jealousy over anything like that. He flirts with my friends and goofs off, but that doesn't bother me either. I do the same with his. What I would worry about,is what he wouldnt' do in front of me, and the same goes for me. If I won't do it in front of him, or write something to another man that he can't see(unless we're talking bday surprise or something to that effect) then it's cheating plain and simple.
btw, your annonymous poster is full of it. If they really have a problem with you, they should post with their real name. Chicken shit!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

on the bright side, at least you were accused of having a rack.


jennster said...

shawna- i totally agree with you that cheating is FAR more than just physical. i think that physical and emotional are 2 totally seperate things. physical can be purely that. emotional is far more devastating i think because there is more attachment and so much more there.

mothergoosemouse said...

Yep, I think Anonymous needs a trip to TWC, stat. It's pretty easy to see that her comment is about HER issues, not yours.

Jennster, you are welcome to shake your ass and your rack at Kyle anytime. As long as I can join in too.

heidi said...

I feel ya...I'd be SO flattered to be accused of having a rack.

I got a snarky comment form "anonymous" recently too. Poeple who say thing without admitting it, I don't know, I gotta question their conviction ya know?

Mel said...

Dude! You got told you had a rack! Most excellent!
(Screw the rest of her dumb-ass comment).

mollymcmommy said...

oh, i didn't see the comment, i'll have to go check anon out. some people are only happy when creating drama.

you make shake anything you want at Tim, he'd probably love it!
i have that goofy side to me too, my bil and i are constantly (all in good fun of course!) shaking our asses and dropping comments.

one time i left a bowl at their house for months (they live down the street) and i would go over there or he would pop by here and forget to bring/or me pick up that bowl.
we always joke that we were too busy getting it on to remember that damn bowl.

so many time now we remark "got that bowl?, hope its a big one!" ok silly and makes no sense but its our thing! LOL!

my bil will also pop over and when tim comes home he gets up and pretends to zip up his pants and complain about tim coming home too early!

love goofy people!

sorry got off on a tangent there!! LOL!

going to check that site now and look for anon's "issue" filled comment! LOL!


Elizabeth said...

It's okay if you don't want my husband, he's too excited about us meeting up at BlogHer so you can show me what "motorboat" is-HAHAHA!

I'd like to encourage everyone to read and contribute to True Wife Confessions. Bet you'll never guess which ones I've written!

Nikki said...

Jenn, my California friend.


and the ANON bitch can blow it out of hers.

Love Ya!

Stephanie A. said...

Welcome to my life, Jenn. I can't tell you how many times I am told I have a rack. Except, well, I do actually have a rack, or two. There may be three, now that I think about it.

Anyway, Anonymous people leaving leading comments like that are just trying to get the shitstorm brewing. Anyone who knows you for two seconds knows you're a fun gal and it's all completely innocent.

carrie said...

This whole "anonymous" bs that is going around is the stupidest, most petty bunch of jr. high school crap!!!

Obviously, the people too afraid to leave their names must live in fear of something every day of their life!

I say "shake it like a polaroid picture" if ya want! Okay, pretty cheesy, but it IS Friday, after all! :)


Mommy off the Record said...

Aw, Jenn. What a mature response to a nasty comment. You ARE a nice lady. (And hey, you're sexy too so don't go shaking your thang in front of my husband, you hear?!)

greenamp said...

Dear Diary,

That true wives confessions site is a riot. Great place for stupid ass high maintenance women who think they shit rosey smelling gold doubloons to carry on and complain to each other about the douche bags they married.

Funny thing is, all the "...with another man" coquettes there have husbands who are fucking their secretaries as they sit at home fantasizing on the internet.

Nothing I hate more than a woman who thinks she's a fucking princess and can do no wrong, blaming a guy for all her short comings.


Jodi said...

To Anonymous. I think she is most insecure. In herself, in her hubby, in her marriage. And i think that cheating has to consisent of a lot more than some some shaking and rackiness. Some people are just naturally flirty, and it doesn't mean ANYTHING.

That being said, if you are insecure about your own self then it's easy to get all up tight when you see somebody who is obviously VERy secure with themselves and their sexuality. I think it goes back to jealousy. Sometimes we are so jealous of what other people have we can't see straight. And it makes us say nasty things.

DISCLAIMER--I am NOT anonymous. I am just trying to step into her somewhat dellusional shoes for a sec. :) Stop hissing at me, would ya?

Stefanie said...

I just visited your blog by way of Sweat Pants Mom and I love it. Thanks for the link to the confessions. That's pretty creepy - which is perfect for me.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Ha! Anonymous probably doesn't even know you and just wrote that to get a rise out of you.

Attila The Mom said...


That site is heartbreaking. Thanks for posting the link!

Superstar said...

i had a couple of guys lie to me about the fact they are married. It happens FAR more than people realize. Men say and do stupid things.
I used to beleive people at face I check them out. I get gut feelings and I LISTEN to them. Why do they want to go to my house to meet? Why do they only have me e-mail work? I used to be leary of "cell" phone only but I am one of those...I am NEVER home. My Mom started getting all motherly from 3000 miles away. ;(


BTW We both tagged Kevin for the 20 things he hates...So where is he anyway?

~looking around~

Izzy said...

So is anonymous supposed to be someone you KNOW? Oh, brother! I hate that silly cloak & dagger crap. Anyway, you're handling it quite gracefully, as we knew you would :)

spidey said...

I am right there with ya, girl!

Holly said...

I think I am scared to check out that site... at least based on some of the comments I've seen here. Course, knowing me, I'll do it anyway.

I had an anonymous commenter once say something complete off base and annoying, to which I commented back. Never heard from them again. Which annoyed me even more for awhile there.

My theory is that there are weirdos out there who hit random blogs and leave comments intended to hack the blog owner and all their blog friends off. Just leave the comments and a wave of retaliating comments, and never return. Assholes.

Undercover Angel said...

I hate it when people comment anonymously! They should at least have the decency to put their name behind what they say!

Jake would love it if you shook your ass in front of him. I see nothing wrong with flirting in good fun. I dont' think it constitutes cheating at all.

Mega Mom said...

Have I reminded you lately that I'm so excited to meet you.

Everyone says I have the gift of gab, but I can see myself just listening to your shenanigans at BlogHer!

Catherine said...

You shake that ass like a Polaroid Picture! And yay for your envious rack!

People and their crazy insecurities, I tell ya.

Suebob said...

Why you trollop! Shaking your parts all over the internet! You should be virtually ashamed!

texas math said...

I just read that annoymous comment and all I can say is...when was your cleavage uncovered? I've been reading your blog regularly for a few months now...and I'm sure I'd have noticed. Not that I'm a boob man....I'm a leg and thigh kinda guy!

Angry Dad said...

Wow, great post! Like the site, but it did give me chills. I'll have to get my wife to read so she can say "That one, and that one.. oh, and that one..." LOL

traytray said...

yo-what's up ster? lol

where's this so-called anon. post dammittt? don't leave me hanging. could be an undercover cop. bwaaa