Wednesday, June 28, 2006

20 things i hate?

good lord, that's a lot of freaking things. can i really think of 20?!??! thanks a lot maniacal bitch for tagging my fine ass. and if i'm actually doing this one (i can't believe i'm doing this), you bet your ass i'm tagging some of you. HA! so here we go... hate is such a shitty word.

so here are 20 things i strongly dislike:
  1. being cold. or the weather being cold. especially when it's supposed to be hot.. you know, like when it's SUMMER.
  2. the price of gas the past few years. fucking assholes. do something about it. and don't suggest i buy a different car. i love my SUV and i will continue driving and buying them. that doesn't mean that i deserve to pay over $3 a gallon!!
  3. the fact that i can't find any black sandals i want for the life of me!
  4. people who drive too fucking slow on the 2 lane road on the way to work and don't pull over and let people pass, when they know damn well they're causing a huge backup.
  5. when people are mean to senior citizens. hell, when people are mean period- like mean for no reason, just to be cruel and unkind.
  6. people who can't see past their own opinions and are closed minded. you know the type who think their opinions are the only "right" ones and they lack the understanding to at least see where others are coming from.
  7. people who shove their beliefs and opinions in your face, down your throat, or any which way. especially when you don't ask.
  8. people who expect me to do certain things. or obligate me. or pressure me. my time is precious and my weekends are few and far between. i have a life to live, a wedding to plan, a kid to raise and a fiance to love on- so i get really resentful when people demand things of me and my time.
  9. fake people. don't pretend to like me if you don't. cause i sure as shit won't pretend to like you when i don't.
  10. sunday nights. that means the weekend is over and i have to go back to work the next day. ugh.
  11. being sick. because being sick sucks and is no fun.
  12. when people put their bare feet on the dashboard of the car. that shit grosses me the fuck out and i cringe everytime i see it! EW!
  13. when people cut in front of you and don't give you a courtesy wave. i'm all pissed off about it until i get that wave.. and then all is right in the world.
  14. the fact that this wedding of ours simply won't plan itself and that i have to plan it all and that it's kind of far away and things are a pain in the ass.
  15. that i don't have a puppy or a house with a backyard for my non existant puppy and kid to play in.
  16. that there is only little league up here and no pony ball. *cries*
  17. workplaces that try to put you in this little box and tell you how to act, how to dress, and every other little way they can control you.... when all i want to do is a kick ass job with some actual personality and fun. when did it become a bad thing to do your job extremely well, and have fun while doing it? or be a fun co-worker, or someone that people actually enjoy being in contact with and doing business with?
  18. manicures that chip within 24 hours of getting them. and of course you don't have the color at your house, so you can't touch them up or fix them or anything. ugh.
  19. that summer tv shows suck and everything is a repeat and that there are no new episodes of LOST, ONE TREE HILL, or GILMORE GIRLS! boooooo!
  20. living 400 miles away from my sister, niece and nephew while they are all in the middle of the most nightmarish divorce ever and i'm not there to help, steal them away, protect them, make things better, or anything. and i hate that. not strongly dislike.. hate.

i guess i could think of 20 things. i so rock at this!

i am tagging amalah. HA! as if she'd do it. and as if she reads this blog. but i'm tagging her anyways, cause she probably has 20 things she hates about trying to find a nanny alone!!! also.. sweatpants mom. love you! smooches! stop not posting and post this!
kevin, my most favorite fucktard. stop working and blog. don't make me drive down there and beat you silly.
and chicky chicky baby cause i said so! and she rocks! and i'd love to read her list.


point45 said...

atleast im not on the list.

Melissa said...

Love your list. Brat, you better do it the next time I tag you.

Luv ya. ;)

carrie said...

Oh, the feet on the dashboard is completely DISGUSTING!!! Why do people do that?


spidey said...

I am totally with you on most of these-BUT-I always put my stinky bare ass feet on the dashboard. I do it in everyone's car too, so you probably don't ever want to drive me anywhere! LOL

Oh, and I went back to the nail salon and had the guy touch up my damn toe nail that chipped the day I got it. I am going to start doing that now, because I don't spend $40 to just have to repaint my toenails the next day!

Furthermore (lol), I could go on and on about people at work trying to put you in a box--try being a freaking bank examiner! Everyone is super conservative and yells at me all the time for having a personality. Okay, I could go on, but my comment will be longer than your blog! ;)

cmhl said...

I love the word "fucktard." you ROCK Jennster!

theresa said...

Not only did I see some chick with her bare feet on the dashboard while her father(?) drove last Saturday, she was actually shaving her legs! I'M NOT JOKING!!!! She was using a disposible razor without shaving cream. I had to drive next to them twice to make sure I was seeing it right.

Don't even think of tagging little old me, I don't hate anything...except peanut butter...and jack-in-the-boxes....oh yeah and insomnia...but that's it...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mega Mom said...

Ooh, I am with you on quite a few of those. Can you just pretend to like me at BlogHer even if you don't?

alison said...

Don't forget about ample-sized people shoving themselves into (red) spandex (or those Disneyland boots).

I too like the word fucktard.

Good stuff.

Lisa said...

That's a great list. I stopped getting manicures because they'd chip so soon.

And today I saw a person I hadn't seen in like 10 years. She gave me the death stare TWICE. And I thought, "Wow she hasn't changed. She's still a bitch." But at least she's not being all sugary sweet to me. So I can at least respect her.

Trish said...

I think I hated just about the same things as you. The thing is, I would have no problem and could easily hate 3 times more stuff right off the bat.
I enjoyed visiting your blog, by the way. Great writing and pictures.

mrsmogul said...

SUmmer re-runs ahhhh...but is Big Brother re-runned? I don;t watch it bus just asking!

Yorksdevil said...

I wonder what people with their feet on the dashboard think would happen in a crash.
It's still pretty tough to have sympathy for you having to pay $3 a gallon when we have to pay more than double that. Come an' drive in England for a while an' you'll have something to really hate.

Mom101 said...

Wow, it's the amazing growing meme. I'm so glad it was only ten things when I had to do it!

Meanwhile, BUY your nailpolish from the place, then bring it there when you're getting your nails done. Instant chip solution. (but still annoying as all hell)

Mike said...

I totally agree with #18. I get so upset when my nails chip too!! I wanna cry!!


Angry Dad said...

What the fuck is a fucktard! You have the best foul language I've ever heard. I love it!!!

Jenn said...

That was soooo NOT a HATE filled list of things you HATE. Who's the one who is NICE NOW?!?!?!


mothergoosemouse said...

#9 itself is enough to make me love you.

And ditto on the chipping mani/pedi. Pisses me off.

Wendy said...

We hate a lot of the same things. You're just missing those assholes too lazy to put their shopping carts away, because it's so much better to let them slam into my car.

Piece of Work said...

Uh oh. I don't think I could drive with you, since I've been known to put my bare feet on the dashboard. (ducking)
But my feet are clean! And cute!

Christina_the_wench said...

Are you ok with people hanging their feet out the window? ~ahem~
Maybe that is just my sorry redneck ass. Nevermind.

Oh, The Joys said...

God the black sandals! ACK!!! (I can't find them either.)

Stephanie A. said...

I'm all about the propping of the feet- especially in the car. I love it when the AC is on and I put my toes over the vents... :)

So, I guess if we would ever meet up I'd have to drive.

luanne said...

I so fall in love with your blog more and more every day! I love the word fucktard and I thought I was the only twenty something that loves "One Tree Hill"....I (heart) Big Brother too, totally rock!

Amy said...

LOVE your list! I miss Gilmore Girls too!!!! *withrawal shakes and cold sweats*

mollymcmommy said...

loving the list!

and agree with most of them!!!

although i have NO clue what pony ball is???!! does that involves little ponies kicking around balls?
really, seriously, i have no clue.

someone fill me in.


Jodi said...

Loved your list. Please with all that is good and holy do NOT tag me. I abhore those meme's things.

And I love Big Brother, do you too?!?!? And I am so bored with TV right now I could just scream, so I will be happy with the new BB starts!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Aw, hon, someday you'll get that puppy. And you'll have another 20 things to hate! ;)

Painter Beach Girl said...

I was on the east coast and my sister in Ventura, CA while I went through my hellacious divorce...we were on the phone constantly and she would send me some hilarious emails that really perked me up and kept me strong and helped me, so remember that there is alot you can do from there, just do your seem to have a great perspective on things and I think that even though you are far, you are close enough for a few visits perhaps? And you can do what you can from there!!!!

BlondeMom said...

I drive an SUV, too, and I'm so tired of spending a fortune on GAS. Thank God I have a short commute. Oh...and my favorite black sandals are from Tar-jay! I'm with you on close-minded people, too. I hate it when people are cruel to animals, too. Great list.

blackbeltmama said...

Feet gross me out. Can't stand them!

Kristin said...

omg... #12 is absolutely one of my biggest pet peeves... it just squicks me out!

but i totally give the chipper thank you wave when i cut someone off...

supa said...

Ha. I put my bare feet on the dashboard, and sometimes out the window. I like the breeze on my toes.

Holly said...

I love the list, could very well be my own (except no sister going through a nasty divorce currently, that was a few years ago). aLthough, I'm not sure what pony ball is. But it sounds good, so I'm in.