Friday, May 12, 2006

giving the good stuff

so i am literally sitting in a chair right now donating my platelets. i am typing with 1 hand, so eat shit if my spelling errors bother you! ha! so i guess i have "super" platelets and i coould "SAVE LIVES!! SAVE LIVES!! SAVE LIVES!!" because the lady who called told me that about 50 times on the phone! all i reallyt needed was one "you can save a life" and i was sold. so here i sut.. shit, sIt. here i sit, typing to you guys.

first of all, thanks for all of the photo advice- i'll let y'all know just wtf i decide to do. but just so you all can sleep at night, we were always planning on having cameras at the reception tables- all the brides & grooms say those are super fun! omg, i can't believe they have a computer here- i am cracking up!

mother's day is on sunday.... what are you doing?? what do you think about mother's day anyways?? do you expect stuff? i just like it to be acknowledged and i think anything my boys do is sweet- but i don't really expect anything. i think mom's day is kinda lame. i don't like it when things are forced and that's exactly what this isd... a forced "give your mom attention or she'll guilt trip you forever" kind of day. but that's just my opinion. we're going to see brad paisley in concert, but the fact that it fell on this day is pure coincidence. so yeah- what do you want for mom's day, if anything?
ooh, my arm is cold and my lips are tingly- giving platelets is weird, but I AM SAVING LIVES DAMMIT!!!!!
jennster's blog- saving lives 1 platelet at a time!!!


cj said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. Really you are saving lives. I gave blood all the time, and never thought twice about it. The Red Cross came to the bldg that I worked in and decided since they were there I just as well donate. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I'd need it. Two years go I got very sick and woke up to a blood transfusion. The first of many. I later found out the hospital had to do some calling and worked hard to find my blood type and my blood needs.(I needed platelets.)If it wasn't for people like you - I would have gone to sleep that day and never woken up.

Thank you for taking the time to donate, really it does save lives.

Happy Mothers Day.

Lisa said...

Good for you for donating. You have inspired me. But just to let you know, I have a serious needle PHOBIA. So I MAY chicken out. But I MAY not! :-)

Happy Mother's Day!

Stephanie A. said...

you're so sweet for donating your platelets.

as for the whole mother's day thing- it is just a reason for me to drive from one family member's house to another's. blah. hate it. not because I hate my family, but because it is forced and there's guilt. would rather hang with Adam and Hugo at a park or something.

if gifts are being given, though, I'd really love a gas grill. I've been pining for one for 5 years now.

Beth said...

My sister had a rare blood disorder, and without people like you she would have died. Thank you soooo fucking much for doing that!

Ok, the mom thing. Uh, I agree. It kind of sucks. I told dh that I just wanted to have a nice breakfast together (we always do on sunday anyway) and to do my favorite activity, looking at show homes. I know, I am a nut, but I love it.
My mother, however, will hold it over my head all year if I don't do something for her. I'm thinking just a card this year, but, oh, the guilt! I can't take it! She sucks to buy for though. She doesn't like anything. Seriously. Ok, Enough from me!

Jenn said...

Good job donating, girl. Your much nicer than me. I'm a horrible person at giving blood. They can NEVER find a vein, they always collaps and give me big bruises and hurt, and blech! So I don't donate. *shrug*

Mother's Day - Allie is too little for me to really know. But once she gets older, I think as long as I get lots of kisses and hungs, and a wonderful breakfast that she attempts to make with her daddy's help in bed so I can sleep late, sounds wonderful to me. =o) I don't need STUFF.

rhonda said...

Wow typing while giving blood, you are one BRAVE and AMBIDEXTEROUS woman (I probably didn't spell that right)

Eh Mother's day. I never expect anything, but I do give to Mom and MIL.

Come see me for a laugh :)

Nikki said...

Happy early Mothers Day.. I don't expect anything extravagant either, but I am sure I will get homeade cards from my oldest two. But then again, they make me stuff like that all the time :)

Nikki said...

Jenn - Thank you for giving/donating/gettng bruised. When my son was 7 weeks old, he had to have surgery and without someone taking the time to donate, he would have died. Thank you.

As far as the mother's day thing, I'm not really into it and agree that it's kinda lame.

My daughter is really into making me things though so she loves it when mothers day rolls around. I oohh and aaahhh and display appropriately and give her lots of kisses...I think mother's day is good for extra kisses, but other than that, pretty useless.

texas math said...

As you mentioned I don't really like these kind of holidays because they are forced...Mother's/Father's Day, Valentine's Day, get the idea (j/k about Christmas).

I prefer to make a person feel special on days when they least expect it rather than on days when I'm supposed to do so.

Melissa said...

You are seeing Brad Paisley. I am so freaking jealous. I wanted to go see him here, I think in a few days, but I missed out on the tickets. I enjoy mothers day, but it's not a huge deal. I don't expect gifts, and I just take my mom flowers. And we'll all do dinner togeather, but we do that every Sunday night anyways. But I do think spending time thinking about the woman who gave birth to you, is generally a good thing. But people should do it more often than just one day a year.

Becky said...

aww i like the new title lol.

i'm going to dinner sunday and laying my new floors all weekend! matt says our trip to see you is my present for mothers day and my bday but we'll see if he gets me anything else. i'm sure he will get a little something from hannah!

enjoy sexy brad!

Wendy Boucher said...

Way to give blood! I lived in London at the peak of Mad Cow Madness and nobody will take my blood now.

For mother's day Girlie likes to make me breakfast in bed. Then I get to read the Sunday NY Times ON THE ACTUAL DAY IT COMES! Yay. But that's it. Father's day looks exactly the same except for the person lazing around all morning.

Piece of Work said...

Good for you for donating! And so impressive that you can type at the same time. A woman of many talents.

As for mother's day, what I'd like: a day without the kids. what I'm getting: a day with the kids AND a party with all the dreaded in-laws. Joy.

Mommy off the Record said...

I should really donate blood too. Thanks for the reminder.

You asked about Mother's Day...this is my first one as an actual mother so it's kinda special. Hence, we have nothing planned. (he) However, I did come home to an FTD box on the porch today. Hubby isn't home yet, but I think it's from him. I will open it once I finish checking in on all my blogger buds (jeez that shows you how addicted I am eh?)

Alison said...

Personally, I like Mother's Day. Chris lets me lounge around a little more and do less work as far as the kids go. He took the kids out today for cards (he told me) and I came home to flowers. I told him what I really wanted was to go out shopping minus the kids, so that's what I'm planning on doing for a few hours on Sunday. We saw my mom last weekend and sent a card to my mother-in-law. I don't think it's forced----I think it's nice to set a day aside to think about moms and all they do. :)

jane said...

Oh, baby, you give good platelets!

Jodi said...

I so agree about Mother's Day. It is just another way that commericialism is forced on us along with guilt. I would prefer to be apprecaited each and every day thankyouverymuch. And a random present just because for no reason whatsoever is so much better than one that is expected or forced! Ya know? Just my humble opinion.

Jess said...

Well, I'm gonna go against the majority of votes here. Mother's Day is a big deal to me. Ok, I'm lame. I wonder though, if everyone feels this way about everything: Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries? I get nothing for any of these occasions and for once, just once, I want something.

Molly's Brother said...

I just discovered your blog--linke through Midwestern Mommy, by the way. You're hysterical. Good job typing with one hand, too.

Enjoy the weekend. Have a great Mother's Day.

Hope your arm isn't too bruised come tomorrow.

lildb said...

dude, you are a lifesaver. seriously, I think you rule.

Angry Dad said...

Well done for pumping out the blood! Last time I did it, they told me not to come back 'cause my blood pressure dropped too much for them and I feinted. Pathetic really. So cheers to people like you!

Mothers Day is fine, and we just roll with it!

jen said...

Thanks for donating your platelets. yep i've transfused them many times!! thanks again!!! you rock!!
i worked on mother's day, blah, took care of moms, still cool!
cams on the table for the bridal party that is awesome!!!!
happy mother's day jennster!!

sweatpantsmom said...

Wow - good for you donating platelets. And good for them for making it a little less painful by giving donators computer access. (And VERY impressive multi-tasking there.)

MrsFortune said...

The cameras on the table thing wasn't actually so great for us - the photos were really repetative and HORRIBLE, I mean, I had to burn them because if my friends had seen them they would KILL ME, so I'd say do it but don't get your hopes up, y'know?

And go you on the blood thing. What's platelets anyway?

Cat said...

That's wonderful. Amazing, liek you said, that they had a computer. Good idea too.

I need to do this and maybe you've planted a seed within me to plan a time.

I came by way of your landlord on rent-my-blog and I'm doing Click & Comment day glad I found your blog! :)